‘hey, alexa, what’s my christmas present’ how to avoid revealing it

'hey, alexa, what's my christmas present' how to avoid revealing it
'hey, alexa, what's my christmas present' how to avoid revealing it

Having the virtual assistant Alexa can give us many advantages depending on what times, but on other occasions, such as this Christmas season, it can give us some displeasure than another. If you have ordered Christmas gifts on Amazon, be careful so that your Alexa does not loudly proclaim the status of your purchases. We tell you how to deactivate it.

How to stop Alexa from talking about your Christmas presents

At this time of year, protecting the secret of the letter to the Magi and Santa Claus is very important. As you already know, they get a lot of help from Amazon, where many of their royal pages work. And this, although it makes things much easier at this moment in history, it can also give us some displeasure if it reveals, to children or adults, the gifts that are about to arrive from the East.


To prevent this from happening, we will have to  deactivate the option to track the order status through Alexa. For that, we will have to open the Alexa app , access the Settings tab  and once here enter  Notifications . We will see a section called  Shopping with Amazon and within this another option that appears as  Include products that could be gifts .

Enabled by default for Amazon accounts

As a curiosity, this is being activated by default in the Amazon app account, or at least something similar. Perhaps you have noticed that in the Orders  section  there are products that you cannot see from the preview and that appear blurred and with a message that indicates  Hidden for your privacy . To see in detail the products it contains, click again on view order. In this way, Amazon and Alexa try to avoid that those products that they consider to be gifts can be seen due to an oversight.