2022 calendars to print free from home in two minutes

calendario para imprimir 2022.jpg
calendario para imprimir 2022.jpg

The beginning of the new year is approaching and with it, one of the most common purchases is a new calendar for the home. We all like to have a place where we can write down plans and that they are always in view or simply a reminder of birthdays or the day in which we live, right? Today we bring you a super interesting option: 2022 calendars to print free from home. You sign up?

3 2022 calendars to print free from home

The first option we give you is to download calendars from Word. You can create it yourself or download some template. In this case, we recommend you take a look at this template created by Minimalista.cl.

On iCalendario.net you also have templates. They are quite sober, but what we liked is that they allow us to choose if we want a weekly, monthly, semester calendar … Fully customizable and adapted to your tastes and needs.


More options. If you are looking for something more beautiful and colorful, that also serves as decor, we really liked this calendar the proposal of Stationery for printing. Here you can see it for months.

calendar stationery to print

Which one can you choose?

We have presented you with 3 proposals for 2022 calendars to print for free at home. Of course the quality will never be the same as buying it in a stationery or specialized store, since the limitations of your printer are what they are, but without a doubt they are a good idea if you want a free option (it will not cost you anything more beyond the ink and paper you spend, which is really an anecdotal expense) and that you can customize. You can also take one of these templates as a base and create your own calendar. As a program as simple as Word you could do it and you not only make sure that it meets your needs, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that there is no other like it.