25% of Spaniards already control their appliances from their mobile

haier smart home electrodomesticos.jpg
haier smart home electrodomesticos.jpg

When the first models came out that allowed you to control electrical appliances from your mobile, it seemed that their implementation was going to be somewhat slow. But we are already at that point where the Smart Home has more and more followers. In fact, according to a recent report by Haierthe 25% of Spaniards already control household appliances from their smartphone or tablet.

Artificial Intelligence sneaks into the kitchen: this is how we use the control of household appliances from the mobile

Haier already has more than 3 million registered users in Europe and, of these, 300,000 are in Spain. Some good figures that demonstrate the good state of health of the smart home. Precisely knowing that this is the future, Haier seeks to become the first group in Europe for consumers of the SmartHome. His work is focused on connectivity and Artificial Intelligence.

According to this Report on Haier’s connected appliances in Spain, more than 25% of Spaniards already control their appliances remotely. The most used functionality is turn on and off automatically These devices. This alone represents 40% of users. In second and third place we find the remote connection (17%) and the programming (13%).

haier connected home

haier connected home

But there are more interesting facts to be gleaned from this report. For example, 70% of users would be willing to control everything from the same app. In terms of demographic groups, we found that the most common age group is that of the under 49 years old.

hOn, this is the Haier app

In that sense, Haier’s app for the Smart Home (hOn) has an ecosystem that seeks to make the lives of users much easier. It offers remote connectivity options, custom usage suggestions, tips, and much more. Among the most popular household appliances in this application, it is worth highlighting the washing products which represent 77% of active users each month.