3 tips for choosing where to put the refrigerator in the kitchen

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Normally it is a decision that is considered trivial or that we condition according to the distribution of the kitchen furniture, but the truth is that choose where to put the refrigerator it is something more important than it may seem at first glance. It is true that we cannot always choose, but if you do have the opportunity to make the decision to locate your refrigerator, keep in mind these three tips that we are going to give you below so that your refrigerator performs as it deserves and saves energy.

Where to put the refrigerator: 3 tips that will help you

Don’t box it: Sometimes, due to space problems, we cannot have it relatively alone, but try at least to leave it a few centimeters on each side. Do not stick it completely to other appliances or furniture, as this could cause irregular behavior, vibrations, noises, worse ventilation …

Choose a well-ventilated place: Speaking of ventilation, this is another important point to keep in mind. A well-ventilated space will prevent the Fridge have to work twice as long and you will maximize its life and help save energy.

The outside temperature must be constant: Of course you cannot decide that there are temperature differences between winter and summer, but what this point means is that on the same day you try to keep the area where the fridge will be at a similar temperature. If the outside temperature is very variable, the refrigerator will have to be continuously adjusting the inside temperature to avoid spoiling the food, so the energy consumption will be greater.

Look for the energy efficiency and the proper functioning of household appliances, sometimes, also depends in part on you.

Have you taken these tips into account when choosing where to put the refrigerator? You can tell us in the comments.