3 toy kitchen appliances for children

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electrodomesticos de juguete.jpg

Role-playing and simulation games are a perfect option to make a gift to the little ones and encourage their creativity, imagination and dexterity. Among them, those related to the world of cooking are some of the most interesting among children around the world. In addition to the typical little kitchen for the little ones in the house, today we want you to discover other toy appliances that you will love young and old.

3 toy appliances

We start by showing you a microwave super striking, but also incorporates realistic sounds and buttons so they think they are really cooking. It has automatic shut-off and runs on two AA batteries. The size is 17 x 26 x 15 cm and it is recommended for an age of more than 3 years.

toy blender

Another very good option is this set of mixer, toaster and blender. These three utensils that double as toy appliances have a very realistic look and come with many utensils and accessories to make the experience more complete. They are decorated in red and white tones and have buttons so that children think they are preparing a complete recipe.

toy coffee maker

Finally, if you want to surprise the little ones, this toy coffee maker in wood it is a sure hit. It comes well loaded with accessories, with capsules, milk, cookies, a glass and a teaspoon, among others, so that children feel that they are really preparing a coffee like Mom and Dad do every morning.

Of course, none of these toys are functional, but they are quite inexpensive and very attractive and original, so they are a very good option if you want to complete the children’s kitchen and give them added value if they like to play to be the next chefs. of the house.