5 tips when buying a cheap mattress


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Having pain in the back, shoulders and neck can make anyone’s life miserable, so choose the right mattress Where you will rest each day is much more important than what some people think. Of course, you can not always bet on the “Premium” models on the market, so we review below what can be considered when buying a cheap mattress.

The Knowledge about this topic is not very high for most users, while the diversity of brands in the market and notable differences in prices between those considered best and worst in the industry can generate even more confusion at the time of purchase. Thus, we have focused on 5 tips to buy a cheap mattress:

Find information and ask

Although it seems obvious, there is no need to be embarrassed when it comes to consulting everything that is necessary before making a purchase, From knowing the materials that make up the mattress, who is the brand in charge or even if there is any type of guarantee of use in case you are not satisfied. And it is that many times cheap mattresses They omit certain not very positive details that are precisely the reason why they ask for so little money in return.

The arrival of products from the Asian continent to the West is nothing new, but in this case it is not usually recommended. And it is that in many cases there is not much information available and probably they have not even passed through quality controls or comply with the minimum standards to be marketed.

Quality endorsed by the manufacturer

Not always a higher price means that you are facing a superior model in comfort or durability Well, perhaps a more popular brand or one with more time in the market can be given the freedom to ask for more money in exchange for its products despite the fact that the competition is up to scratch in terms of quality.

Nevertheless, it is possible to confirm when buying a cheap mattress if it arrives with some type of relevant certification that guarantees its quality, or failing that, look for opinions or ratings from the same online users who have already bought and tested that model through a web store. Even if the purchase is made in person, sometimes just by touching them it is possible to have an idea of ​​whether their quality is acceptable or not.

Take advantage of offers and discounts


Buying ahead can help you wait for deals

In such a competitive market and with so many options for sale there are more and more offers that can be taken advantage of throughout the year. Either on particular dates such as the classic “Black Friday” or “Cyber ​​Monday”, or in the rounds of discounts of each store (especially on online platforms), it is possible to get a better quality model spending the same or less than what a mattress of an unknown brand costs. You just have to have a little patience.

Consider your weight and physical condition

Probably if you are a person who has not suffered physical problems throughout his life or if you have favorable physical conditions (low weight and not very high height), you probably it is much easier to encourage you to buy a cheap mattress and for which you do not regret in the future.

Generally It is recommended that there be at least 10 cm from the end of your feet to the length of the mattress, so the higher you are, the more expensive it will surely be the model you need. The same is true with overweight people, because in those cases there is no choice but to bet on a hard mattress or “extra firm” so as not to have serious lumbar problems over the months (and these are usually a bit more expensive).

Buying a cheap mattress can be expensive


It is preferable to bet on a lower quality in other products than a mattress

Although it is not a feature that only applies to this type of product but to almost any on the market, the truth is that in this case the user’s own health is at stake. And if, Maybe saving a few euros by buying a cheap mattress will lead to discomfort, pain or rapid wear and tear that forces it to have to be replaced much sooner than one would have thought, thus having to spend money again on a new model.