94% of food products have increased their price

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productos de alimentacion mas caros.jpg

We do not say it, surely you have also noticed. Everything seems to be much more expensive in supermarkets. Inflation (which is so “fashionable” nowadays) has made basic food products more expensive. This summer the watermelon has become a trending topic, but it is not the only one. In fact, according to a recent report signed by the Organization of Consumers and Users, 9 out of 10 food products have increased their price in just one year. And they warn the Government: “the situation is unsustainable”.

We are facing the biggest price rise of the century in food products

We are not going to open the melon of the light rise or gasoline, also basic products. According to this report, in which the prices of 238 food and drugstore products have been monitored, conclusive results have been found. 94% of the products have increased their price. How many? On average, the rise is 15% morebut there are some foods that more than 40% more expensive. For his part, just 5% of the products have dropped in price.

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There are data that are even more surprising, such as that sunflower oil has risen by 118%, olive oil has become more expensive by 53% or flour has increased its price by 50%. For their part, macaroni now costs 55% more, eggs 45% and bananas from the Canary Islands 63% more. Basic products of the pantry for which we will now have to pay much more. And what are the few food products that have lowered the price? Some fruits, such as oranges, avocados or kiwis.

After this study, it has been estimated that making the purchase now costs us 830 euros more per year. A rise of 70 euros per month that is leading some Spanish households to go through serious trouble.