A living room with a bookcase for a chic and modern touch

Libreria Foto 1.jpg
Libreria Foto 1.jpg

If you are a lover of reading and want to give a chick and modern touch to your home, creating a living room with a bookcase to organize, decorate and always have your books at hand is a great idea. The living room is a perfect place to set up a bookcase and enjoy the pleasure of a good book sitting on your armchair or sofa.

In addition, if we do not have much space, an element with reduced dimensions will help us to place our favorite books. Today from GizHogar we bring you a few ideas so that you can be inspired when choosing the best bookstore to dress your living room.

Living room with bookstore to modernize our home

Custom libraries

This item is perfect to make the most of the space in our living room and the bookcase will also serve other purposes such as hiding radiators, integrating the fireplace or hiding columns that we do not want to highlight too much. However, although it is one of the best options for bookstores in any room, the truth is that they tend to have a higher price than other bookstores.

Large bookshelves as a passage area

They are used to join rooms or to separate them if that is what we want

Also we can extend the bookcase to the entire wall to create a passage area and communicate two rooms that we can use at the same time as the living room and the dining room, covering the wall with books and giving a cozy and modern touch while we eat or chat. In the same way, libraries can be used to divide or differentiate two spaces if that is what we want.

Bookcases for small rooms

When we have a small living room at home, installing a huge bookcase is not the most appropriate idea, but we can also take into account the pre-made bookcases of all sizes, shapes and styles. The bookstores do not have to fill them with books completely, but We can also place decorative elements such as small paintings or photographs, personalizing our living room even more.

Billy bookshelves in the living room


The Billy bookcase is a good option if we don’t want to spend a lot of money and it has a wide variety of styles and finishes

Billy bookstores are the best option if we want a good, nice and cheap item, counting with a multitude of finishes so that they harmonize with our decoration and their measurements are very different, so surely there are some that come in handy for our stay. Thus, we will have our living room with a library and we will take into account the dimensions of the objects that we want to put on it.