AEG AGB728E6NW, everything that this vertical freezer can offer you

aeg agb728e6nw 2.jpg
aeg agb728e6nw 2.jpg

Freezers are a very practical appliance all year round, but it is especially in summer when we remember them more. Having frozen food is super practical to be able to cook several menus at once and take out according to our needs or simply to be able to forget about going shopping and having meat, fish and even fruits and vegetables stored for weeks and that, in the meantime, you can enjoy going to the beach, the pool or simply living a little more relaxed in these hot months. In addition, now it is better to fill it to the top with ice cream. Of course, this idea is good for any time of the year, that’s why the upright freezers, like this AEG AGB728E6NW, they are a good idea.

Do you want to know what this appliance can offer you AEG? Below we review all its characteristics so that you know if it will be up to what you need.

Design of the AEG AGB728E6NW

The AEG AGB728E6NW is a freestanding upright freezer which belongs to the range Specify. It has dimensions of 186 x 59.5 x 65 cm and a huge capacity for 279 liters. Its design is quite modern and elegant (it belongs to the DesignLine line). With straight and clean lines, only the easy-open door handle and the LCD display in which we can see at all times what temperature the freezer is at. Also, it comes with adjustable legs so you can place it safely and the door hinges are reversible. Finally, it is interesting to know the data of the length of the cable, which reaches 2.5 meters so you don’t have too much trouble with where you want to put it if you don’t have a plug right next to it.


As you can see, it is a very nice upright freezer, which will fit very well in your kitchen whatever the type of decoration you have in it and which offers a high capacity. Let’s see now what its interior is like.

You open this freezer and you find yourself …

Beyond being beautiful, surely you already know that the most important thing in a fridge or freezer is its interior distribution. If you have read us in other articles, such as in the Haier HCE379RYou will know that we always indicate as a disadvantage in chest freezers that it is difficult to access certain foods as they are designed. This problem does not occur in upright freezers like this AEG AGB728E6NW (although its disadvantage is that it takes up much more space). And to show a button. In these photographs you can see how it is distributed inside.


We find five drawers and two shelvesAll of them built in transparent plastic so that we can see at all times what we have in each one of them and that, in addition, it is easy to clean. Another detail that we like a lot is that it has LED lighting inside and that illuminates all the corners evenly so that no gap is left unlit.

All the drawers can be removed for a good cleaning when necessary and the upper shelf that divides the space into two heights can also be removed if you need to have more height in a single space. It does not have shelves on the door, so if you need to freeze drinks or the like you will have to put them lying down or on this shelf without a shelf that we have mentioned.

No Frost and ten year warranty

One characteristic that we must value in this type of electrical appliance is that they are No frost, that is to say, that they do not accumulate frost in order to avoid the tedious task that surely we have all seen at some time in the house of our grandparents or our parents when we were little. Do you remember when it was time to defrost? You no longer have to. In addition, thanks to the technology Power Freeze and Frostmatic you get a quick freeze of your food.

We also want to highlight that it has ten year warranty on the inverter compressor (includes transportation, labor, gas extraction and refilling, maintenance and service costs), so you can rest easy in this regard.


Any downsides to this freezer? We point it out if you have children at home (or if you are a little bit of a damp). It does not have a child door lock or automatic closing. Take this into account so as not to suffer any mishap from leaving it open by mistake or if the children take to playing with it.

Technical characteristics of the AEG AGB728E6NW

Dimensions 186 x 59.5 x 65 cm
Colour White
Kind Freestanding upright freezer
Ability 279 liters
Spectrum Specify
Reversible doors Yes
Child lock Not
Adjustable legs Yes
LCD display Yes
Automatic closing Not
LED lighting Yes
Technologies Power Freeze and Frostmatic
No frost Yes
Interior distribution Five drawers and two shelves
Warranty Ten year warranty on the Inverter compressor

Availability and price of the AEG AGB728E6NW

Why would you want to have an upright freezer, which takes up so much space, if all-in-one fridge + freezer combis already exist? The answer is simple: to have more storage capacity. It is true that not all households need so much capacity, but whoever does not always have the freezer at full capacity should raise your hand … It is very practical not only for ice creams or ice creams, but also for tuppers, vegetables, meats, fish …

In this case, this AEG model offers a balance of good performance, a ten-year warranty and a very interesting interior layout, with a price in line with what we expect from it.

  • Good capacity
  • Makes little noise
  • Fast freezing time
  • Good energy efficiency
  • Anti-frost technology
  • Very good interior layout
  • Uniform LED illumination
  • Ten-year warranty on the compressor
  • It has a small screen on the outside so you can control the interior temperature

  • It does not have the possibility of setting different temperatures by zones
  • It is only available in white
  • There are no shelves on the door
  • It does not have a child lock or automatic door closing

Total score