AEG FSE74707P, a dishwasher with capacity for 15 services

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aeg fse74707p, a dishwasher with capacity for 15 services

The  dishwasher is a stovetop ‘s best friend. And if cooking is a pleasure for many, cleaning is something that nobody (or almost nobody) likes. For this reason, having this appliance is something that helps us a lot to enjoy the kitchen more and to gain extra time for us that does not hurt us at all. Today we talk about the model  AEG FSE74707P a dishwasher integrable  AEG that seeks to provide a good service to a balanced price.

In this article we are going to help you to know what its advantages and disadvantages are, its best offer and those points that make it a very successful model.

Design of the AEG FSE74707P

This AEG FSE74707P is of the integrable type  , that is, it is designed to be inside the kitchen cabinets and that by itself does not represent design, but rather that its space depends on the decoration that we have in the kitchen. It has a size of  818 x 596 x 550 mm and the length of its cable is  1.6 meters .

The  screen  is inside, when you open the door, at the top, so it is usually hidden. It incorporates a Quickselect system, which allows you to configure the program settings just by sliding your finger across the selector, in a simple way. It has two trays, as you can see in the images, the lower one is designed for pots, pans and other bulky products that need more space for washing. In addition, it comes with a basket so that we can also wash cutlery and small objects there and they are all well organized. We can also mention that it comes with SoftGrips rubber clips to hold high-waisted cups without scratching them.

The capacity is  15 services , very generous and that will serve us whether we are a large family home or if we have guests at home.


How does this dishwasher clean?

There are several aspects that are worth highlighting in this dishwasher. Let’s get to know them. It has a  high-performance inverter motor , quite silent ( 42 dB ) and efficient to do the washing exhaustively and investing the minimum resources. It also highlights the satellite spray arm , which offers cleaning with a range of up to three times greater than other traditional arms. It also has a double rotation with which it reaches any corner.

On the other hand, Airdry technology  helps to improve the drying process and reduce energy consumption. It is only capable of opening the door just 10 centimeters, automatically, when it detects that it is already in the final phase of the cycle, so that the natural air current that is created, together with its drying system, improves the results in any type of container (plastic, glass, ceramic …).

In this section, we finally highlight the Beam on floor technology  . What happens with built-in dishwashers, how do we see that they are finished? The appliance casts a red light on the floor while it is washing. This light turns green when finished, so we know that we can open it and collect our dishes.

Programs of this AirDry dishwasher

In addition to offering  delayed start from 1 to 24 hours  and  automatic shutdown , we have 7 programs at 4 temperatures :

  • 160 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 90 minutes
  • Quick 30 minutes
  • AUTO Sense
  • Echo
  • Maintenance


So is it worth it?

So far the theoretical information on the performance of this dishwasher. But if you still have doubts about whether it is a valid appliance for you, here are our practical evaluations. It is a product that  cleans well, dries well and offers a high capacity , so it can be an excellent option for most homes. It does not matter if you are looking to wash day-to-day dishes or a product with a deeper degree of dirt. In any case, the results should be just as good, so you don’t have to have problems or doubts about their validity.

The variety of built-in programs also seems correct to us, from that quick 30 to the most exhaustive. Choose at all times the one that you think is best according to the number of dishes you have put in and their dirt, although if you consider yourself somewhat clumsy in this sense you can always resort to the automatic program.

Details are lacking, of course. We miss that it has some connectivity to be able to program it from the mobile and follow from there the information of our washing, something that, being an integrable, would be even more useful. But no one is perfect and neither is this AEG FSE74707P.

Technical characteristics of the AEG FSE74707P


Dimensions 818 x 596 x 550 mm
Tank material Stainless steel
Capacity 15 services
Cable length 1.6 meters
Screen Yes
Delay start 1 to 24 hours
Automatic switch-off Yes
Number of programs 7:

  • 160 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 90 minutes
  • Quick 30 minutes
  • AUTO Sense
  • Echo
  • Maintenance
Number of temperatures 4
  • Beam on floor
  • AirDry
  • Satellite spray arm
  • Inverter motor
 42 dB



If you are looking for a dishwasher with a good value for money, the  AEG FSE74707P is a good option for you. It’s easy to use, has good technologies, and washes well and efficiently. It has some shortcomings, such as the lack of connectivity or the impossibility of putting the half load, but in any way they are not really important things to leave this model aside if you find a good offer.

Do you want to see a similar model? The is also an option to consider AEG FSE74718P .




  • Good value for money
  • Easy to use
  • With Beam on Floor technology
  • Very good capacity
  • With AirDry technology
  • With Inverter Motor
  • Silent




  • It does not have a half load function
  • Has no connectivity option
  • Cannot be controlled via app
  • The screen is quite hidden
  • The spray arm has double rotation to better reach every corner