AEG HKL65310FB, induction hob with Hob2Hood technology

aeg hkl65310fb cabecera.jpg
aeg hkl65310fb cabecera.jpg

If you’ve ever thought that it would be great if your kitchen extractor was activated based on your cooking needs, you’re in luck! Induction hob AEG HKL65310FB is capable of achieving it. AEG puts at your disposal a «Hob2Hood» plate that, connected to devices of the same type, will offer you a lot of possibilities.


The AEG HKL65310FB is an induction hob whose measurements are 55 x 59 x 52 cm.

Among some of its characteristics, it should be noted that, by offering induction cooking, it allows you to adjust the temperature at the moment and with all precision, from a very low and slow heat to a high one, as well as only exerting said heat on the container and not on the surface. Your exclusive «Hob2Hood» connection system allows the plate to communicate by remote control with the extractor hoods of the same type («Hob2Hood»), activating them automatically and regulating the intensity of extraction and lighting according to the needs that arise at each moment of cooking. The knobs are touch and slide, so with the AEG MaxiSense HKL65310FB you can adjust in a moment, as we have commented, the desired temperature. All you have to do is slide your finger until you reach the desired level. Also has with an OptiHeat control system which monitors the residual heat level of each cooking zone to ensure a safer and more efficient use of the hob. In fact, its function of power increase It allows you to give a quick and intense heat stroke when you need it, since it will heat the dishes in a few moments and this makes it ideal if we have to cook, for example, water to make soups or pasta. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about it getting burned or difficult to clean as the area under the pan and the surrounding area will remain cool. This means that splashes or spills will not burn and will not stick to the plate, so you only have to wipe them away without using other more aggressive products.

Features of the AEG MaxiSense HKL65310FB

AEG MaxiSense HKL65310FB
Kind Induction
Control lock Yes
Residual heat indicator Yes
Security system Container detection

Automatic switch-off

Child safety system

Display Yes
Indicators Power level and residual heat indicator

Acoustic signal with disconnection option

Type of controls Digital display power indicator

Direct Control Electronics

Zone 1 Diameter (cm) 28
Zone 2 Diameter (cm) twenty-one
Diameter Zone 3 (cm) twenty-one
Additional Information “Hob2Hood” connection system with hoods

Simultaneous power zone

“Easy set up” system on countertop

OptiHeat control system

Stop & Go function

Automatic rapid heating system: Booster

Timer for all zones

Opinions from the AEG HKL65310FB

This induction hob is characterized by the possibility of connecting with extractors that have the same technology, which helps you save time. His value for money is good, although it may be something expensive if what you are looking for is a simple induction hob.
However, it is a good option, especially if you like the brand, since you have other appliances of the same such as, for example, other types of appliances such as cheap washing machines.


Availability and price of the AEG HKL65310FB

You can get her in Amazon, El Corte Inglés, Media Markt and Fnac.

Or you can also see other induction hobs like the Balay 3EB967FR.

  • Possibility of connecting with «Hob2Hood» extractors.

  • Something expensive for the benefits it offers.

Total score