AEG L6FBI947P, everything you need to know about this washing machine

aeg l6fbi947p, everything you need to know about this washing machine
aeg l6fbi947p, everything you need to know about this washing machine

Are you looking for a new washing machine? Let us help you. The decision is in your hands, but what you need is to have all the information about your purchases so that you are not disappointed once you have them at home. Specifically, today we are talking about the  AEG L6FBI947P , a model that has a large capacity, an adjusted price and ProSense technology .

We tell you below everything that  AEG has prepared in this model so that you can get the most out of your new appliance and know exactly what you can expect from it and what not.

Design of the AEG L6FBI947P

This AEG L6FBI947P is a freestanding  front loading washing machine , built in  white . It maintains the traditional design lines in this type of appliance, with a large door on the front and the upper part reserved for the detergent dispenser, the control panel and the  screen .

Its dimensions are 847 x 660 x 597 mm and a drum volume of 68.6 liters , this translates into a total capacity of 9 kg . It is a fairly generous figure, suitable for large families or for those who want to wash their quilts, blankets, etc. at home, and thus save a little on laundries, which is always something that is appreciated when preparing homework. home and keep it in good condition.

We have a  GentleCare drum , which takes care of our clothes thanks to its soft water jets that move the fabrics upwards and to the greater number of holes, which reduce friction throughout the cycle (especially during the spin cycle) and therefore also the wear of our laundry.


In terms of design, we can also highlight that it has  three compartments for detergent  and  four height-adjustable legs . Be careful, because  it does not have detergent self-dosing , so you will have to add only what your laundry needs in each wash.

Finally, if we talk about safety, we have  AquaStop , an anti-leak protection system so there are no overflows that could cause accidents in our kitchen.

Power, spin and technologies

Going into more technical detail when talking about this AEG L6FBI947P is that it has a power of  2,200 W and  1,400 revolutions , which offers us great performance at all times of the cycle, obtaining good results. The Inverter Motor also comes into play here  , offering great durability and optimum energy efficiency ( A ). As it works by means of magnets and not brushes, friction is reduced, vibrations and the noise level is low (level  76 dB according to the manufacturer).

As for its most outstanding technologies, we cannot overlook the  ProSense technology . What does it consist of? We will try to explain it to you in a simple way so that you can easily understand it. The ProSense technology is responsible for  automatically weighing each load , so that, in this way, the washing can be tailored to each load. With the built-in sensors, the cycle time, the amount of water needed and the energy to be used are regulated. Thanks to this, we save resources and also take better care of our clothes.

In addition, another interesting function is that it has  Delayed Start , so that we can program when we want our laundry to start and thus make the most of our time, even if we are not at home.

A big lack? There is no trace of connectivity . Say goodbye to the option to download new features, monitor its status from your mobile or control it remotely. It is not on a whim, nor because we believe we are the most modern in the world. It is that having an app that is linked to our appliances is very useful to get the most out of them.

Programs and functions

This is the list of the  ten  available programs:

  • delicate
  • Silk wool
  • 3kg in 20 minutes
  • Cotton 20º
  • Quilt
  • anti-allergy steam
  • Spin / Drain
  • Echo 40º – 60º
  • Cotton
  • synthetics

Depending on the type of laundry you put, it is preferable to select one program or another. Wanting to wash a duvet is not the same as putting in the laundry for your sportswear, which only smells bad from having worn it for a while, but it is not very stained.

Technical characteristics of the AEG L6FBI947P

Dimensions 847 x 660 x 597mm
Volume 68.6 liters
Color White
Guy Free-standing front-loading washing machine
Ability 9kg
Paws 4
Drum GentleCare
detergent compartments 3
Detergent self-dosing Nope
aqua stop Yes
Power 2,200W
revolutions 1,400rpm
Inverter Motor Yes
Energy efficiency A
Noise level 76dB
Technology ProSense
Delay start yes, 24 hours
connectivity Nope
Available programs
  • delicate
  • Silk wool
  • 3kg in 20 minutes
  • Cotton 20º
  • Quilt
  • anti-allergy steam
  • Spin / Drain
  • Echo 40º – 60º
  • Cotton
  • synthetics

This AEG L6FBI947P is a washing machine with highlights and shadows. Do you want equipment that cleans well and takes care of your laundry, without more demands? Ok, so it is a model that is worth putting on your wishlist so that you can review its best offers and buy it when it is at a good price. On the contrary, if you like very innovative models, those that come with wireless connectivity or with many added functions, such as drying, self-dosing of detergent, degree of dirt detection… In that case, it is preferable that you consider models of a superior range, which will better meet your expectations.

  • Inverter Motor
  • Very easy to use
  • Many programs and functions
  • It has a delayed start
  • High capacity
  • With ProSense technology that weighs the load to adapt the main settings of the cycle
  • Only available in one color
  • The door is not reversible
  • does not have a dryer
  • Does not have degree of dirt detection
  • does not have Wi-Fi
  • Does not have detergent dosage
  • Unable to stop washing