AEG L7WEE862S, washer-dryer that takes care of your clothes

aeg l7wee862s cabecera.jpg
aeg l7wee862s cabecera.jpg

A washer-dryer as efficient as the AEG L7WEE862S It will allow you to have your clothes washed and ready in less time than you think. In fact, with this AEG appliance, you will discover all the advantages of being able to wash and dry with a single appliance.

This is the AEG L7WEE862S

Washer-dryers like the AEG L7WEE862S are two-in-one appliances that, in addition to washing and drying without having to use another appliance, also they will save you time and effort.

The different living conditions, as well as the variety of climates in which we can develop them, have made home appliance companies look for, more and more means to make life easier for us in different ways.

In the case of washer-dryers, we see that everything has to do with the fact that they give us more freedom when it comes to keeping our clothes clean, since we will not need to wait for good weather to be able to lay it out, once it is clean.

Thanks to the washer-dryers, when the clothes have finished washing, we can choose a drying program so that, as soon as it is finished, we can put them away, without waiting and saving much more time that if we only use a washing machine.

However, we must know how to choose the washer-dryers well, since Not only do we want them to wash and dry well, but also to take care of the clothes. An excess of heat or an uncontrolled temperature can damage the fabrics of our garments, so we must pay attention to the fact that this electrical appliance brings appropriate benefits for its treatment.

So is this washing machine

The AEG L7WEE862S is a ProSteam washer-dryer, that is, it comes with steam technology, in addition to belonging to the AEG 7000 series, and having a 8 kg load capacity for washing and 6 kg load for drying. It also has 1600 rpm, a more durable inverter motor and a silver design with an LCD display where you can see all your options.

If you wonder what the difference is between the 7000 Series and others of the brand, it is that its technology will adapt to the different characteristics of the clothing to guarantee outstanding care. To do this, it includes DualSense technology, which consists of adapt the temperature and movements of the drum to the laundry, as we will see below.
Garment care technology

For all these characteristics, we can say that the AEG L7WEE862S is a washer-dryer prepared to offer you a comprehensive washing and drying service. Their DualSense® and ProSense® technologies have been designed to guarantee the best care and, in turn, a significant saving of resources such as energy, water and time.

The first of these technologies works by adjusting both the temperature and the movement of the drum to suit different fabrics. In this way, guarantees a milder temperature, as well as better control of movements so you don’t have to wash or dry more than once.

Regarding ProSense® technology, this it will help you save on energy, water and money, since it automatically adjusts the duration of the washing and drying cycles, as well as the consumption of water and energy, all depending on how much you need to wash or dry. So the clothes do not suffer excessively and neither does your pocket.


A range of good programs

As for the programs that we can find in the AEG L7WEE862S, we can highlight the NonStop 60 min, with which you can both wash and dry 1 kg of clothes in just that time. Ideal, therefore, for small and not very dirty loads, in order to have your favorite or basic clothes always clean.

The steam program, in turn, reduces wrinkles and can also be used to refresh clothes. This is achieved because the steam is able to relax the fibers of the fabrics, which helps to reduce wrinkles and also makes ironing easier.

As for the quick refresh option, unwanted odors are eliminated without having to wash the clothes completely or wear them out with unnecessary washing. Besides, you can always use the special mode Wash + dry, which consists of being able to choose a complete cycle or wash and dry separately depending on the needs of each moment.


AEG L7WEE862S Features

Energy efficiency class (Standard (EU) 2017/1369): C
Energy efficiency class washing / drying (Standard (EU) 2017/1369): AND
Spin max. (rpm): 1600
Drying technology: Condensation
Woolmark Certificate: Woolmark blue
Drum: Protex
Liquid detergent: Not
List of Programs: Eco at 40 ° -60 °, Cotton, Synthetics, Delicates, Wool / Hand wash, Outdoor, Antiallergic, NonStop 60 minutes, Steam, Rinse
Functions: On / Off, Quick, Delayed start, Start / Pause, Temperature selection, Spin, Anti-stain, Mode, Automatic drying, Drying time
Colour: Silver
Panel: Large display
Maximum capacity in kg of a wash cycle (EU 2017/1369): 8
Maximum capacity in kg of a drying cycle (EU 2017/1369): 6
Spin efficiency of the eco 40-60 program (EU 2017/1369): B
Power consumption in off mode (EU 2017/1369): 0.3
Power consumption in standby mode (EU 2017/1369): 0.3
Ambient sound emissions, Class (EU 2017/1369): B
Noise level dB (A) (EU 2017/1369): 76dB
Multifunction display: Medium LED
Height (mm): 847
Width (mm): 597
Depth (mm): 631
Total depth (mm): 660
Voltage (V): 230
Frequency (Hz): fifty
Cable length (m): 1.8
Power (W): 2200

Opinions from the AEG L7WEE862S

This washer-dryer has a Fairly good value for money. First of all, it offers good results both washing and drying, plus it is a versatile appliance because it allows you to choose between washing and drying in the same cycle or doing it separately.

It also includes a fairly elegant aesthetic due to its stainless steel design, as well as allowing you to use its steam technology to refresh the garments without having to wash them, to increase their useful life. Therefore, the most negative point that we can highlight in it is that most of its cycles are quite long.


Availability and pricing of the AEG L7WEE862S

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  • Good value for money.
  • Good washing and drying results.
  • Versatile device.
  • Steam technology.
  • Most cycles are quite long.
Total score