AEG L8WEC162S, a washer-dryer with very interesting features

aeg l8wec162s cabecera.jpg
aeg l8wec162s cabecera.jpg

With a 10 and 6 kg washer-dryer like the AEG L8WEC162S you will have your clothes clean and dry in less time than you might expect. Thanks to the technology in this AEG washing machine that mixes detergent and fabric softener with water, your clothes will be even more protected during the wash cycle.

We discuss the AEG L8WEC162S

Washer-dryers are not one of the most popular appliances due to their consumption. However, more and more are those that present better features, such as the AEG L8WEC162S, and that guarantee better care and more efficient use of energy.

In fact, in the market we will be able to find different models that will be distinguished by programs and functions, for the most part, as well as in the design, since the measurements are always the same.

Even so, over time, models are coming out that bet on greater power, as well as a larger capacity, both for washing and drying and, of course, built with motors that make them quieter devices with the aim of power. put them on even at night.

In this way, you have to take into account your needs when purchasing one of these devices, since, if you know what you need, you can surely save even more. Think of capacity depending on what you use and family members, as well as energy efficiency.

Note that, the higher the energy efficiency class of a device, the more expensive it will be, but in the end you will appreciate it, because it is not the same to use an appliance that consumes little for three or four days to do it with one that does involve a greater consumption. Many times, a bigger investment at the beginning is synonymous with good savings later.

The washer-dryer model that we will talk about today belongs to the AEG 8000 Series, And it is OkomixThat is, it premixes detergent and fabric softener before washing. In addition, offers 10 kg of load to wash and 6 kg to dryIt has a power of 1600 rpm, it is built with an Inverter motor and its design is silver.

A washer-dryer that prepares everything before you start

The AEG L8WEC162S, as we have already advanced, belongs to the brand’s 8000 series, a series that bet on the care of the garments, above all, the most delicate. For this, it comes with the exclusive ÖKOMix technology, which consists of the premix detergent and fabric softener with water before they enter the drum.

This makes the clothes are protected without needing extra cycles. ÖKOMix technology has been designed to guarantee optimal protection of the fibers of your garments. You may be wondering how a cycle with detergent and fabric softener premix changes and one that doesn’t.

The answer is simple. Both detergent and fabric softener, if they stick to clothes, cause them to wear out. However, if they dissolve completely before and are active, they are better distributed and are more effective in cleaning, in addition to not damaging the fabrics as much.

Garment care and savings too

Aside from premix technology, the AEG L8WEC162S also ensures garment care thanks to the DualSense® technology. With her, both washing and drying are adapted to each type of fabric, because not everyone needs the same conditions to be treated.

Thus, the temperature and the movement of the drum are adjusted in such a way that the gentlest temperature and the most controlled movement are guaranteed so that you do not have to wash or dry more than once.

To this is added the ProSense technology, that takes care of your pocket. Its function is to automatically adjust the different cycles, as well as the consumption of energy and water, to use exactly what is necessary for washing and drying. In this way, consumption is reduced and you appreciate it.


Time and function efficient

Finally, we have to comment that the AEG L8WEC162S also has ÖKOPower, a technology that makes you wash and dry 5 kg of clothes in 4 hours with minimal consumption. To use it, you just have to choose the NonStop ÖKOPower program. With this, you will enjoy the best performance and cheapest program available on the market right now.

And that’s not all, apart from all these advantages You can also use special programs, such as steam, which will help you refresh clothes and reduce wrinkles. This steam program is very useful for shirts, because it reduces wrinkles by relaxing the fibers of the fabrics.

What’s more, if the clothes are not very dirty, they do not have to undergo an entire wash cycle. You can choose the option of quick soda, which will sanitize it and eliminate unwanted odors. Thus, you will also extend the life of your garments.


AEG L8WEC162S Features

Technical data
Type of appliance: Freestanding washer-dryer
Dryer Type: Condensation: Moisture condenses into water inside a container. There is no need to evacuate the drying air.
Special programs
Hand wash”: This program allows garments with hand wash labels to be washed in the washer-dryer
Machine wash: Wool program that allows you to machine wash products labeled for hand washing.
Programs: Eco at 40 ° -60 °, Cotton, Synthetics, Delicates, Wool / Hand wash, Outdoor, OKOPower One Go (5 kg in 4 hours), Steam, Rinse, Spin / Drain
Special features
Anti-foam rinsing system: Yes
Spin control: ABC
Number of legs: 4 height adjustable feet
Protection against floods: Yes
Spin max. (rpm): 1600
Drying technology: Condensation
Height (mm): 847
Width (mm): 597
Depth (mm): 631
Total depth (mm): 660
Energy efficiency
Frequency (Hz): fifty
Power (W): 2200

Opinions from the AEG L8WEC162S

This washer-dryer has a very good value for money. Keep in mind that we are talking about two appliances in one, offers very good washing results and also drying. What’s more, the clothes are not very wrinkled.

Its most negative point is that does not have short programs and most of them tend to last a long time.


Availability and price of the AEG L8WEC162S

And if you are not looking for a washer-dryer, but a washing machine, here we leave you the AEG L6FBG942P.

  • Good value for money.
  • Very good washing and drying results.
  • The clothes are not wrinkled.

  • It does not have short programs.