AEG RCB736E4MK, a beautiful black glass fridge-freezer

aeg rcb736e4mk, a beautiful black glass fridge freezer
aeg rcb736e4mk, a beautiful black glass fridge freezer

The AEG RCB736E4MK is a combi refrigerator designed in black glass, very elegant and with a No Frost cooling system. This AEG combi refrigerator , apart from its design, stands out for having cold technologies that preserve food very well.

We review the AEG RCB736E4MK

The AEG RCB736E4MK is a combi refrigerator that stands out, without a doubt, for its design. This appliance shows a very beautiful and aesthetic appearance thanks to the black glass design. In addition, it has a total capacity of 366 liters that are organized into 265 for the refrigerator compartment and 101 for the freezer compartment.

Advanced cold technologies

The AEG RCB736E4MK comes with different cold functions and technologies that make food perfectly preserved. For example, one of them is the 8000 Cooling 360° function with which it allows air to flow through the ventilation grilles that effectively allow it.

In addition, it has a stainless steel back that maintains the cold temperature and restores it immediately, after opening the door. In fact, this refrigerator offers advanced refrigeration so that it can better protect the food that we store inside.

This is very important, since maintaining the cold well guarantees, without a doubt, a longer shelf life for food, as well as its properties and texture.

With the 360° refrigeration system, the food will be protected to the maximum, since thanks to the ventilation the cold reaches all parts of the refrigerator, to any corner, so there will be no areas where there is fluctuation in temperature and, what It is better, it can quickly recover the temperature, even if we open the device several times.

In addition to these cold technologies, this model is TwinTech® No Frost, which means that you will not have to defrost it manually, since it will not form ice sheets or frost inside, but, unlike other models, it will not it will dry out the food too much.

This is due to its double cooling systems that, while avoiding the creation of frost, in turn guarantee good humidity for the food and prevent the loss of up to 60% of the food mass.

In addition, to complement these technologies, we will also find special drawers such as the Extra Chill drawer, which will serve to store fresh foods or foods that are more delicate than others.

For example, we can prevent cheeses and sausages from maturing earlier, as well as allowing fish or meat to be better preserved thanks to the fact that it maintains a lower temperature than in the rest of the refrigerator.

To all this, in addition, we must add the super-cooling and super-freezing functions, which allow the temperature to be lowered quickly to prepare the refrigerator to receive hot food or a large purchase.


Beautiful and durable design

Apart from its cold technologies, without a doubt, the AEG RCB736E4MK stands out for its design. Of the DesignLine type, this refrigerator is designed to attract attention and give a touch of class to your kitchen.

This design, in addition to being contemporary due to its pure lines, has a very nice and elegant appearance that will not go unnoticed by those who pass by your kitchen. In addition, its black glass color gives it the modernity that we are looking for in today’s appliances.

Its controls are independent, so we can set functions and temperatures in the different compartments without this affecting each other.

All in all, the compressor is durable so that you can rest assured, and the brand is so sure of this that it offers you up to 10 years of guarantee, which includes not only labor, but also transport, extraction, gas refilling and general maintenance together with service costs.

Inside is a very complete refrigerator, because it includes 2 drawers and 3 trays so you can organize your food to your liking and in a very easy and practical way. In addition, in the freezer you will find 3 large transparent plastic drawers so that you do not miss capacity and have the space you need.


In summary

The AEG RCB736E4MK is a good refrigerator, with a modern and elegant design in black glass and that comes with such interesting and useful functions as fast cooling and super freezing.

It is a Total No Frost, because both the refrigerator compartment and the freezer compartment are defrosted automatically, and this allows us to forget about having to do it manually.

Both compartments, in turn, are controlled independently. In the refrigerator, it includes 2 drawers to store food, as well as 3 trays and, in the freezer, we will find 3 large-capacity plastic drawers.

With LED lighting for the interior, which is clearer, more homogeneous and more efficient, the doors of this refrigerator are reversible and it comes with different indicators, such as high temperature.


Features of the AEG RCB736E4MK

Type of device combi refrigerator
Type of construction Independent
cold system No Frost
Refrigerant R600a
Tray Material Glass
Freezer compartment position lower
fridge drawers 4
No Frost Yes
Glass door Yes
door opening Right
Interior lighting Yes
Char. specials Glass door, Extra Chill drawer, Glass shelves
Display Touch Control, Indoor LED Display
Temperature control Yes
Dimensions (W x H x D) 201cm x 59.5cm x 66.2cm
Color (standardized) Black
Color (by manufacturer) Black
Width 201cm
Height 59.5cm
Depth 66.2cm
Weight (according to manufacturer) 76kg
Weight 73.5kg
Contents Fridge
Packaging width 68cm
Packing Height 201cm
Packing depth 62cm
Energy efficiency class (EU 2017/1369) AND
EU Energy Efficiency Scale (EU 2017/1369) AG

RCB736E4MK AEG Reviews

This fridge is good value for money. It stands out, without a doubt, for its design and appearance, which are very elegant, and it has good cold technologies, such as Total No Frost. Of course, its interior is not as versatile and flexible as in other models on the market and it is somewhat noisy.


  • Good value for money.
  • Nice design and appearance.
  • Cool well.
  • Total No Frost.
  • Inflexible interior.
  • It is somewhat noisy.