AEG RKB638E5MX, do you need a one door stainless steel refrigerator?

aeg rkb638e5mx cabecera.jpg
aeg rkb638e5mx cabecera.jpg

The AEG RKB638E5MX It is a good full door refrigerator that will help you preserve your food for longer and with guarantees. This AEG appliance boasts, among other features, a modern and elegant aesthetic, with its stainless steel design and the electronic temperature display on the door.

We discuss the AEG RKB638E5MX

Surely, we are very used to seeing combination refrigerators rather than full door refrigerators like the AEG RKB638E5MX. However, the latter are a good means for not only hospitality businesses, but also for homes, since most can be combined with freezers of the same type and of the same brand.

When this happens, we get more storage space, both in the refrigerator and in the freezer. However, this type of refrigerator is not always purchased because we want to combine it with a freezer. It also happens that there are users who consume much more fresh food than frozen.

In this way, they do not need a large freezer and can be perfectly organized with small or compact models that you can find on the market. Then, in the case of the refrigerator, as is horizontal and one door, they can store all the fresh food in it without any problem.

In the case of the model that we are going to talk about today, as we will see, it stands out for its modern and elegant design, as well as minimalist. It has the advantage that it brings the electronic temperature display outside, so we will not have the need to open it to adjust it and, in addition, it is quite spacious.

Easy interior organization

The AEG RKB638E5MX offers us an interior space that will be very easy to organize. First, it presents some dimensions of 186 cm x 59.5 x 64.5 cm, so this is a tall refrigerator, with the standard measurements for 60 cm holes.

The volume or capacity that it offers us is 380 liters, so it is very spacious and will allow us to store our food without any problem. The best thing is that its interior, as we say, is easy to organize, since it is divided into several shelves and shelves so that we can place our food in a simple way.

With a total of five shelves, this refrigerator also has two drawers for different types of food. One of them, as we will see later, for fresh, and another, the one that is in the lower part of the whole and larger, to store fruits and vegetables.

As for the door, we have several shelves, the bottom two well separated so that we can store bottles and tall containers. Upstairs, we have five more, one being more elongated and the four upper ones modular for storing small foods.

Designed for ease of use

As you can see, the AEG RKB638E5MX is a very practical full door refrigerator. Not only on the outside, but also on the inside. In it, we will find whate comes illuminated by LED light, a type of lighting that is clearer, more homogeneous and efficient, which is also colder, so that there are no temperature fluctuations that could spoil the food.

As we have already mentioned, the interior itself is very easy to organize, not only because of the shelves and drawers, but also because it has the CustomFlex design. This system, which can be found on the upper shelves of the door, consists in that you can move them as you wish and reorganize them according to your needs.

In this way, these modular containers will serve you both to store small containers, such as placing eggs, butter tubs and, even if you do not need so many, you can remove the ones you want to get extra space and, in this way, be able to put any tall container that fits the measurements that are left.

Besides, we cannot forget its exterior design. To be made of stainless steel, it will always bring a very grateful touch of modernity to your kitchen. This contemporary design can be seen in the quality of the materials, so this is a refrigerator that feels premium.

In addition, the fact that it comes with a handle on the door, which will allow us to open it with a single movement, also makes it very comfortable to use. All this in combination with the display on the door, since the important thing in these devices lies not only in how well it cools, but in how comfortable they are at all times.


Innovative conservation technologies

Finally, we have to mention the different technologies that we will find in this refrigerator and that will provide us with an outstanding conservation of our food. For example, first of all we have to mention the Multiflow technology.

This technology consists of maintaining a constant temperature throughout the device. This achieves several advantages, from keeping food fresh without drying out, since there will be no areas where they get colder than necessary, until the air reaches all corners.

The latter is essential when it comes to good conservation, since in this way temperature fluctuations are avoided. In addition, thanks to its special drawers, such as the extra chill for fresh food, food stays better. In the case of this drawer, it is very useful for cheeses and sausages because it slows down their maturation, and it also serves to store drinks and keep them cold.

In short, this is a refrigerator that defrosts automatically, it has good functions such as super fast cooling to allow food to cool down earlier, the electronic control on the outside of the door so as not to lose cold and LED lighting inside.

With four trays inside and modular compartments on the door for better organization, with its anti-fingerprint stainless steel color it will look great in your kitchen, with the great advantage that its door is reversible, so you can adjust the opening to suit your needs. needs.


AEG RKB638E5MX Features

Type of device One door refrigerator
Type of construction Independent
Total net capacity 380 l
Refrigerator compartments 5
Trays Material Glass
Door opening Right
Doors 1
Interior lighting Yes
Temperature gauge, cooling section Digital
Measurements (W x H x D) 186cm x 59.5cm x 64.5cm
Color (standardized) Inox
Color (by manufacturer) Inox
Width 186 cm
Height 59.5 cm
Depth 64.5 cm
Weight (according to manufacturer) 64 kg
Weight 64 kg
Packing size (W / H / D) (cm) 68 cm / 195 cm / 62 cm
Packaging width 68 cm
Packing height 195 cm
Packing depth 62 cm
Model RKB638E5MX
EU Energy Efficiency Scale A to G
Energy efficiency class (EU 2017/1369) AND

Opinions from the AEG RKB638E5MX

This refrigerator has a good value for money. It is spacious, well lit inside and easy to organize. In addition, it has the temperature display on the door, although it lacks some extras like a wine rack and its energy efficiency class is somewhat low.


Availability and price of the AEG RKB638E5MX

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  • Good value for money.
  • Well lit inside.
  • Easy to organize.
  • Temperature display on the door.

  • It is missing some extras like a wine rack.
  • Class in somewhat low energy efficiency.

Total score