All about the new Haier refrigerators with Artificial Intelligence

nuevos frigorificos haier.jpg
nuevos frigorificos haier.jpg

News in sight. The new Haier refrigerators and they come with a very interesting novelty. These are new connected refrigerators that have been designed to personalize the experience tailored to each user, combining Artificial Intelligence with app hOn, an exclusive software of the company.

What can we expect from these new connected Haier refrigerators

Apart from the characteristics of traditional refrigerators, these new connected Haier refrigerators come with very interesting functions, such as a system of geolocation, capable of detecting shopping habits and weather conditions, as well as a Proactive Temperature Adjustment System so that the refrigerator is always set to the ideal temperature.

In addition, they are able to locate where the user is, and if it detects that it is in the supermarket, it will also adjust to put the refrigerator at the ideal temperature to receive the new food and that the cold chain is not spoiled.

Another novelty is the function Visual MyZone, to set the ideal temperature for the MyZone drawer (for fresh produce, such as vegetables or greens).

Models to highlight

Within this new range, two models are worth highlighting.

Cube 83 Series 7 Refrigerator:

The Haier HCW7819EWMP It has four premium design doors, XXL capacity (537 liters), Switch Zone to be used as a fridge or freezer and with an adjustable temperature between -20ºC and + 5ºC. Plus, it features a water dispenser, auto-fill jug, Daylight and Humidity Zone internal lighting, plus Haier ABT antibacterial technology.

Haier FD 70 Series 7 and 3D Series 7 Refrigerators:

These models of Haier they stay slightly below 500 liters, but they also incorporate Daylight lighting, MyZone drawer, Direct Access drawer or automatic humidity control. Models are the Haier HFW7720EWMP (with French door and water dispenser) or the Haier HTW7720ENMP (combined with 3 doors).

Via | Haier Spain