Amazon Echo Show 15: Features, Availability, and Price


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Amazon just revamped its home screen speaker product catalog. One of them is the Amazon Echo Show 15, a model that will fit perfectly in your living room, your kitchen or even your bedroom.

Features of the Amazon Echo Show 15

With a size of 15.6 inch, this screen offers a resolution Full HD and the possibility of using it vertically or horizontally, with a very attractive and functional design. The inclusion of a 5 MP webcam, with a processor Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge to enhance its possibilities and be up to the performance that you must demand from a team of these characteristics (and above all, at this price).

Of course, it includes a virtual assistant Alexa and a new function called Visual ID, which allows us to show the content we need on the screen, when we are in front of it, thanks to body and facial recognition. Quiet, because if you are concerned about privacy, you can cover the camera and block the microphones through physical controls, something that we recommend you always do, both with this and with any other similar device that you may have at home.

From it we can make video calls, watch Netflix, know the news, read email, review the calendar, check social networks and much more, in addition to serving as control center of the rest of the devices in our home. You can, for example, control the robot vacuum cleaner, smart plugs, lights and any other device that you have linked to your home automation.

Availability and price

It is now available in presale for a price of 249.99 euros. At the moment, the date on which the shipments will begin has not been confirmed, but considering that Christmas is already around the corner we expect it to go into stock in the coming weeks.