Amazon Prime monthly or annual fee, which is better?

cuota mensual de amazon prime.jpg
cuota mensual de amazon prime.jpg

With the general rise in prices, the time has come to take stock and see that the subscriptions we have to online services (Netflix Spotify, Podimo, Kindle Unlimited, Kobo, amazon…) do not get out of hand. The debate has been reopened (if it was ever closed), after Amazon warned its users that the next September 15, 2022 will make your premium subscription more expensive by almost 40%. Are you considering canceling the account? Today we tell you if it’s worth it the monthly Amazon Prime fee or the annual fee. Which is better? Let’s analyze it.

This is the monthly fee for Amazon Prime VS the annual fee

There is just over a month left for the new rates for Prime accounts to take effect. This is where we have taken the calculator to assess whether the monthly Amazon Prime fee or the annual fee is worth it. Let’s see what the prices are in each case.

amazon prime

The monthly fee will cost 4.99 euroswhile the annual will have a price of 49.90 euros per year. That is, if you plan to use the services of the company 11 or 12 months a year, then without a doubt the annual fee will cost you more. The savings if you use it for 12 months is 9.98 euros. It is true that it is not a very significant saving, we are talking about just €0.83 per month so there are those who will prefer to maintain the subscription month by month to be able to play with vacation time or periods in which they plan not to place orders to save a few euros.

However, we must bear in mind that the subscription to Amazon Prime does not only include free shipping, platforms such as Prime Video, Prime Music also come into play… that perhaps for this alone it is already worth keeping and not playing ” now yes, now no”.