Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor, to measure air quality at home

1636152305 asaqm img lifestyle1.jpg
1636152305 asaqm img lifestyle1.jpg

Amazon just introduced the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor, a device focused on intelligently control the air quality in our home. We don’t see them, but toxins and particles are in the air at home and can harm our health. Having this type of device will help you to know that invisible enemy and defeat him.

Features of Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

This device measures the presence of particles inside homes and, with the information obtained, offers users the necessary changes to improve the air they breathe. The importance of measuring indoor air quality is crucial, as this is where we spend the most time. It is something that we have learned with the pandemic, but, far from our home being a safe place, it is one of the points where we can take the most risks, since it is where we spend the most time breathing its air.

With this gadget we can check indoor air quality thanks to its measurement of dust particles, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity. With this information, the device will tell us what we can do, for example, when we should ventilate, if we have to clean the vents of the ventilation products or if we should buy a air purifier.

Its dimensions are 65 x 65 x 45 mm and its weight of 120 grams. It is constructed of post-consumer recycled thermoplastic resin with a nitrile rubber base and works with Wifi.

Availability and price

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is available now at presale for a price of 79.99 euros. Shipments will begin on December 8, just coinciding with the Christmas season. It is not an essential product, but of course it is very curious and can help us a lot to take care of our health.