Analysis of the Bosch MUM4405 mixer mixer: Review and Opinions

Bosch Mum4405.jpg
Bosch Mum4405.jpg

When a brand gains repercussions in the market for specializing in certain categories, it is because its creations meet the requirements of the most demanding users. For example, Bosch is already a guarantee on home accessories and specifically in small kitchen appliances, such is the case of the protagonist of this analysis: Bosch MUM4405.

Bosch MUM4405 is an entry-level mixer mixer that allows any user just started to become a chef from a state-of-the-art performance. A 3D MultiMotion Drive kneading system, four available speeds and its 500W power motor they ensure that the expected results are achieved at all times.

Simple operation and easy to use of this mixer mixer

Bosch MUM4405 arrives available in white

As can be found in more models of the same brand, this mixer avoids complex settings when starting to use it. Nails on official dimensions of 30.5 x 26.5 x 26.5 cm and a weight of 3.27 kilograms, it is only necessary to move its side knob to switch between the four available speeds.

Also, its multifunction arm has a special gear and three drive positions that optimally transmits the power of the motor. In this way it is achieved Knead large quantities of mixture from a high-strength, large-capacity plastic bowl (3.9 liters) that makes it possible to reach up to 2.7 kg of dough (1 kg of flour plus ingredients).

On the other hand, the kneading process does not need to be interrupted at any timeeven if changes to the mix are desired midway through, as its lid with fill hole makes it easy to add ingredients while the food processor continues to work. Thus, any mistake or forgetfulness in the recipe will not mean a waste of time with this type of mixer.

Included accessories and safety in these mixers

Bosch MUM4405

Bosch MUM4405 has a very good price-performance ratio

As expected in the mixers of this manufacturer, Bosch MUM4405 up from the factory with an ideal kit for pastry lovers consisting of a dough hook, a mixing rod and a mounting rod, all of them made of an excellent quality of stainless steel that ensures a long useful life. If this is not enough, it is worth remembering that a wide collection of optional accessories is available for the MUM4 series of Bosch kitchen machines.

Like any electrical device, safety details must be taken into account, and in this case do not forget to incorporate an overheating protection system, suction cup feet that promise great stability during the process and covers to cover the gears while they are not in operation. There is no need to worry about crashes or performance failures over time.

When everything is finished you have to confirm that the team also it is very easy to clean, as all accessories can be put into the dishwasher and the smooth-walled housing can be easily cleaned with a cloth without risk of damage. Even the presence of a useful space for collecting cables and its compact design does not require that there be too much space in the kitchen to store it in any corner when it is not in use.

In conclusion, Bosch MUM4405 is a more than reliable accessory for those kitchen-loving users who are just starting out. If you add to that its competitive price, there is not much more to mention to recommend its acquisition.