Any decorative style is possible thanks to microcement, a luxury coating

cualquier estilo decorativo es posible gracias al microcemento un revestimiento de lujo.jpg
cualquier estilo decorativo es posible gracias al microcemento un revestimiento de lujo.jpg

Among the best cement-based materials that we can find to coat surfaces, is the microcement, which is characterized by its great resistance to abrasion and application in a traditional way, which guarantees an exclusive finish, not to mention that it has a large number of uses, since it can be applied to floors, walls and furniture. On this occasion, we will briefly explain some reasons why you should consider microcement as a luxury lining.

Going into the matter, we can establish that the microcement coating has many decorative uses, but it accompanies them with something that not all materials offer: exceptional durability and strength against abrasion, high temperatures, blows and environmental elements; therefore it is also ideal for outdoor use.

Advantages of microcement

This coating has several significant advantages over other types of materials, in addition to the above durability. One of them is the excellent adhesion it offers, so there is no need to remove old material. Whether it is fiber cement, mortar, ceramic, wood, plaster and you stop counting, microcement goes well with a wide range of substrates.

We are talking about a 2 to 3mm thick coating that is relatively easy to install, since it does not require construction or generate debris.

Microcement can boast of being a material extremely versatile, which can be applied to walls, floors and ceilings, both in indoors and outdoors. Additionally, it can be used to line benches, stairs, planters, swimming pools and other furniture. To make matters worse, it is waterproof, so feel free to apply it in bathrooms and kitchens.

The microcement can be applied to swimming pools and outdoors

Can be applied to swimming pools and outdoors effectively

The aforementioned also facilitates maintenance, since it can be cleaned with water and neutral soap; does not require special care despite being a Premium material.

Finally, you do not need gaskets in your application, thus creating a greater sense of spaciousness and continuity, which in turn opens up a realm of possibilities in the decorative realm.

A coating that adapts to any type of decoration

We cannot put into words the decorative potential that microcement has; the fact that it has no joints and that it can be applied to so many surfaces has led to its mass adoption. For this reason, today it is present not only in homes, but also in hotels, restaurants, industrial buildings and sports centers.

Classic style - Microcemento

Despite being a material that some might perceive as rustic, it provides a touch of sophistication and luxury to the spaces where it applies. And we still haven’t talked about one of its main attractions: it is available in a wide variety of colors, tones, textures, and finishes, so a good eye is all that is needed to express its full decorative potential.

The latter implies that it can harmonize with any type of luxury decorative style that we have in mind, either rustic, minimalist, vintage, classic or nordic.

Vintage style

To place the cherry on the cake, your craft application gives a unique and different finish to the space where it is used; since there will be no other space exactly the same.