Aqara Smart Thermostat S3, new thermostat that arrives from China

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aqara smart thermostat s3.jpg

Chinese manufacturers also have a significant presence in the market for smart home devices Y Akara is one of the last members to join with very good results. For example, last year we learned about your Aqara H100 camera lock system, while now it is the turn of your thermostat Aqara Smart Thermostat S3.

Aqara Smart Thermostat S3 It is the latest Chinese brand temperature regulation system which had already been advanced a few months ago for the local territory. There is still no data on its expansion to the European continent, but the manufacturer’s intention is that it will do so at some point in the last quarter of 2022.

Features of the Aqara Smart Thermostat S3

Aqara Smart Thermostat S3

Aqara Smart Thermostat S3 is expected in the West by the end of 2022

Aqara initially mentioned in December 2021 that it was preparing to bring a set of new smart home products in the new year and this has been the first announcement about it. The key to its operation is logically in the possibility of integrating with other devices with wireless connectivity that are in the home.

For it, the thermostat in question can be used through Apple’s assistant, Siri, making it easy to change your settings through voice commands and without having to be near your mainframe.

Through user control management through a integration with HomeKit, the Aqara Thermostat S3 can manage underfloor heating and water not to mention its ability to manage HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems.

Aqara has added in its design a small 3.95-inch full color LED screen, while inside there are sensors that are responsible for analyzing humidity and temperature levels inside a room. Over time, the corresponding data is accumulated to have a more detailed idea of ​​the temperature characteristics of each home.

In relation to personal assistants, the Smart Thermostat S3 features Xiao Qiao, Aqara’s built-in AI assistant for Chinese consumers, and therefore, it is logical that the system uses the Mandarin language as the default means of communication.

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