Balay 3HB5358B0, the oven with Aqualisis technology

balay 3hb5358b0 cabecera.jpg
balay 3hb5358b0 cabecera.jpg

Looking for a new oven? You’re lucky! Today in Gizhogar we are going to talk about Balay and, specifically, about his Balay 3HB5358B0, an oven with Aqualisis that will facilitate the task of cleaning it and will save you a lot of time.

Balay 3HB5358B0

The Balay 3HB5358B0 oven has dimensions of 59.4cm x 59.5cm grade in class of energy efficiency from A.

However, this oven will allow you to save money, since one of the most important features that it has and that will save you on the bill is the Aqualisis. The Aqualisis is an innovative technology that will allow you to keep your Balay 3HB5358B0 in perfect condition each and every day. This is because its operation is based on water, so it consumes very little without sacrificing results that are magnificent, since the oven will be clean and ready for its next use. That’s right, the Aqualisis is a cleaning function that saves you not only money, as we have mentioned, but also time. To start it, you just have to pour water with a little soap for the dishwasher in the base of the oven and select the function. Once the process is finished and the oven has cooled, you just have to remove the water and voila, your oven will be clean and ready for its next use.

The Balay 3HB5358B0, in addition to being a practical oven, it also has a elegant and beautiful design that will match any kitchen. Its finishes, in addition to being elegant and sophisticated, are accompanied, in the case of this model, by a white color that does not clash with any type of design. In addition, apart from the image that it will give to your kitchen, regarding its design we also have to mention the glass type that you use, since, apart from being able to offer you good visibility of what is being cooked inside, it must also be resistant to withstand not only the heat, but also small bumps that can occur during use. The glass of this furnace is and, also, it turns out very easy to clean, so you can keep it looking like new without any difficulty.

Also, and one of the most representative characteristics, is that you can remove the tray completely from the oven thanks to Comfort Plus rails. Thus, you will be able to reach the entire surface and freely manipulate the food you are cooking without fear of burning yourself, since it also has a safety system that consists of a brake mechanism that fixes both rails at the same time in parallel and this will prevent let it fall and you can remove the tray comfortably and above all, Safely. And, now that we have mentioned comfort, it is essential to note that you can place the Balay 3HB5358B0 wherever you want, since its opening system adapts perfectly to any type of kitchen and height. All you have to do is select the place where you want to install it and start enjoying it, since thanks to this and the safety of its rails, using it will be very easy.

Finally, apart from all that we have mentioned regarding its innovative technology, its manageability and its modern design, we also have to point out one last function that you are sure to love. Many times we have wished to have a wood oven to enjoy recipes cooked in the most traditional way. However, the new ovens did not guarantee these results, until now. The Balay 3HB5358B0 oven features a Wood oven function which consists of the generation of enveloping heat, more intense at the base and which will allow you to prepare dishes in a traditional way such as pizzas, puff pastry and roasts.

So, with all this seen, we can only leave you its main characteristics so that you can know them at a glance:

  • Crystal Series Design.
  • Folding door.
  • Kind of energy efficiency A, within the range A +++ to D.
  • New Comfort control easy to use.
  • Hidden controls.
  • Auto Chef function with 10 recipes.
  • Rails Comfort Plus 100% removable in 1 height.
  • New chrome Comfort stands: comfortable and safe extraction.
  • Aqualisis cleaning assistant.
  • Self-cleaning rear panel.
  • Multifunction 7 functions: total grill, soft hot air, 3D Professional hot air, turbo grill, baking, wood oven, hearth.
  • Electronic watch with cooking start and stop programming.
  • Fast preheating.
  • Non-stick enamel high strength.
  • Cold door.
  • Accessories: deep tray, grill, sponge.

Balay 3HB5358B0 Features

Balay 3HB5358B0
Brand Balay
Appliance dimensions (height, width, depth (excluding door)) (mm) 595 x 594 x 548 mm
Product width 594 mm
Height (mm) 595 mm
Net weight / kg) 34.0 kg
Useful volume (of cavity) NEW (2010/30 / CE) 71 l
Cooking method Pizza function, Large surface grill, Heißluft sanft, Ho Aqualisis Highlights, Child safety lock, Fast preheating, Programmed recipes
Accessories included 1 x Professional grill, 1 x sponge, 1 x Universal pan
Energy efficiency class (2010/30 / EC) Arnear, Sólera, Turbogrill, Turbo Bake 3D
Type of construction Integrable
Control panel material Crystal

Opinions from the Balay 3HB5358B0

The Balay 3HB5358B0 oven enjoys a good value for money and its strengths are that it can be cleaned with little effort thanks to its Aqualisis system, has a beautiful design that does not clash with any type of kitchen and brings some very interesting functions such as the Wood Oven to prepare dishes in a traditional way.

It is a device with a energy rating of A, that is, not one of the best and does not bring touch control like more modern ovens, but without a doubt it is an option to consider for those who are looking for a new oven.

Balay 3HB5358B0

Availability and price of the Balay oven 3HB5358B0

Get this oven with Aqualisis in your trusted stores like El Corte Inglés, Amazon and Electrocosto.

And what would a kitchen be without a dishwasher? Well, here we show you the Balay 3VS305BP so that you take it into account and see another appliance of the brand.

  • Aqualisis system.
  • Nice design.
  • Strong, fully removable rails.

  • Energy classification of A.
  • It does not bring touch control.

Total score