Balay 3KFD765AI, a modern and functional refrigerator

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balay 3kfd765ai, a modern and functional refrigerator

If you consider yourself a modern person, with a taste for design, but who at the same time does not want this to mean paying an outrage for a product that does not deserve it, read on, because we have found the ideal option for you. This  Balay 3KFD765AI appliance has managed to combine design and functionality, modernity and practicality, without giving up the latest technologies and with a fantastic exterior appearance. Its price? Nothing crazy.

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about this  Balay refrigerator that is ready to eat up a good part of the market. Its objective is to help you ensure that your food is better preserved for longer and it does so thanks to the advantages that we are going to tell you about below.

Design of Balay 3KFD765AI

This Balay 3KFD765AI is the evolution of the Balay 3KFD765BI, now available in dark  gray in glossy glass . We find a clean exterior, with very minimalist lines and with  handles integrated into the door itself. Inside, we find  integrated LED lighting  , so that even the smallest of corners is well visible and we do not forget anything. In addition, it has ExtraFresh Comfort, which is a column that allows us to better distribute the light.

This  free-standing combi has a total capacity of  368 liters , divided into  279 liters in the fridge and  89 liters in the freezer. All this is collected in dimensions of  2030 x 660 x 600 mm and a weight of  87 kg . How is all this divided? We find a distribution of  four shelves, two drawers, four shelves in the door, an egg cup and a bottle rack in the refrigerator, as well as  three drawers in the freezer. On the other hand, it is worth noting that the reinforced glass shelves give us greater security and that they are adjustable in height so that it is the refrigerator that adapts to us and not the other way around.

Balay 3KFD765AI

On the other hand, we can mention that it has  reversible doors so that we can place it so that it opens to the left or to the right, depending on what suits us best in the distribution of our kitchen. It also has an  acoustic alarm that will notify us if we have left the door open or if there is a fault or problem with our appliances.

The design, as we can see, is beautiful, modern and useful, but does it have any disadvantages? From our point of view, we miss an  exterior screen and a cold water and ice dispenser , which are neither expected nor present in this combi.

Technologies found in this appliance

We are going to mention which are the technologies that stand out the most in the technical sheet of this refrigerator with freezer. First of all, and of course, we have  No Frost technology . This consists of the function that prevents the formation of frost, so that we never have to “defrost” by hand again. In this way, time and energy are saved and we do not worry about adding extra time to household chores.

On the other hand, we also have  Super Freezing and Super Cooling functions . What does it consist on? These occur when the fridge and freezer are put into a “special mode” to receive a large new quantity of food, for example, when a large quantity of food arrives and we need them to reach their optimum temperature as quickly as possible and At the same time, do not lower the temperature of the food that was already in the fridge or freezer, so that neither one nor the other spoils.

More things: as we can see in the images, we have an  ExtraFresh drawer , thanks to which the most optimal refrigeration conditions are offered for fruits and vegetables, which are the most delicate ingredients.

And what happens in case the power goes out or we have some kind of electrical failure? In this case, the freezer offers us up to  13 hours  of maintenance, or what is the same, 13 hours for us to repair the error or to find an alternative plan and thus not spoil our food.

Finally, we want to highlight that it has energy certification   and that its noise level is  36 dB .

Any cons we can mention? The main one is that  it does not have any connectivity option . That is, we will not be able to control it via WiFi or link it to any app, so we lose the factor of including it in our Smart Home. Although it is not essential, we are already beginning to require models in this price range to have these possibilities that will help us get more out of them.

Balay 3KFD765AI technical characteristics

Dimensions 2030 x 660 x 600mm
Weight 87kg
Color White
Guy free installation
Total net capacity 368 liters
Refrigerator net capacity 279 liters
Freezer net capacity 89 liters
Interior lighting yes, leds
Screen yes inside
Interior distribution Fridge:

  • 4 x shelves
  • 2x drawers
  • 4 x door shelves
  • 1 x wine rack
  • 1 x egg cup


  • 3x drawers
Ice or cold water dispenser Nope
reversible doors Yes
acoustic alarm Yes
main material Yes
Integrated vertical handles Yes
No Frost Yes
Super Cooling Yes
Super Freeze Yes
ExtraFresh drawer Yes
Storage time in case of power failure 13 hours
Energy efficiency D
Noise level 36dB
connectivity Nope

This Balay 3KFD765AI offers us a good option if we are looking for a good quality appliance, with a very modern design and packed with features. One small flaw is that it doesn’t have WiFi connectivity, but if this isn’t important to you then you won’t be disappointed.

If you want to see its twin, the  Balay 3KFD765BI , here we leave you the review of its characteristics.

  • Good value for money
  • Independent temperatures between freezer and refrigerator
  • nice design
  • With No Frost technology
  • quick frozen
  • reversible doors
  • interior LED lighting
  • Silent
  • good energy efficiency