Balay 3KFE361MI, simple and practical stainless steel combination refrigerator

balay 3kfe361mi cabecera.jpg
balay 3kfe361mi cabecera.jpg

Designed in stainless steel, the Balay 3KFE361MI It is a combi refrigerator that preserves food well and is very practical due to its simple design. This modern Balay refrigerator guarantees us the necessary features to store our food in the best possible way.

We discuss the Balay 3KFE361MI

When we want to buy a new refrigerator we have to be clear that we are going to find many models with different features on the market. In fact, if we talk about combi refrigerators, such as the Balay 3KFE361WI, we will not need to think much to know that they are the most successful. thanks to its refrigerator and freezer features in one.

Therefore, the possibility of choosing between so many models must always respond to our needs. It does not matter if you are one of those who prefer more modern or simpler models, the important thing is that the appliance is adapted to what you need.

In the case of the model that we will talk about today, it is fundamentally characterized for presenting a stainless steel design which makes it a modern and elegant appliance. Likewise, as we will see below, we are also facing a refrigerator that can boast of being very practical.

Exterior and interior simplicity

The Balay 3KFE361WI has a simple design, as we have already said, in stainless steel, which makes it a clean and modern looking device. It also comes with integrated horizontal handles that make it easy to open. By not standing out, nor do they represent a break with aesthetics general of the appliance.

Likewise, inside we will also find characteristics that make it a very practical refrigerator. For example, one of them could be the fresh drawer. This drawer is designed for fruits and vegetables, so it meets the necessary conditions to achieve outstanding conservation.

Easy access to everything inside

With the Balay 3KFE361WI it is very easy to know at all times what we have saved and access it. This is given by its security trays, its EasyAccess drawer in the freezer and its LED lighting.

One of the problems that arise if we do not see well what we keep in the refrigerator is that there will be food that spoils because we do not know that we have it there. To avoid this, LED type light it will help us a lot. It’s clearer, brighter, and more homogeneous, so we make sure to see everything perfectly.

Not only that, it is also a colder type of light that does not produce as many fluctuations temperature, so it is not only more efficient, but also prevents the refrigerator from spending more due to the need to generate more cold.

Now if we look at the freezer, we’ll see what comes with it DirectAcces drawer, designed so that you can remove it easily and, thus, it does not take time to take what you are looking for. This type of drawer helps that we do not have the door open for so long, with the energy expenditure that this entails.

Balay 3KFE361MI

In summary

The Balay 3KFE361WI, as we have been able to point out, is a simple but modern refrigerator, as well as very efficient, since it boasts a energy efficiency class A ++. It is also practical due to its measurements, designed so that you can place it where you need it most. uncomplicated with its 176 x 60 x 66 cm.

If we talk about conservation, we will see that, in addition to what was explained above, comes with NoFrost technology and it brings the Full Skin Condenser technology, this means that it will be much more efficient, at the same time as silent and spacious.

Regarding its design, boasts horizontal handles on the outside and Fresh drawer for the fruits and vegetables inside. In addition, thanks to the LED light we can see what we store without problems, as the intensity gradually increases, and its safety glasses, as well as special drawers such as the EasyAccess of the freezer will help us organize it however we want.

To conclude, we cannot forget to mention the always useful Super cooling and freezing functions with automatic self-disconnection through its electronic control, in addition to its warning systems in case there is a breakdown or a drop in temperature. These systems are an optical and an acoustic alarm that will inform you of any inconvenience.

Balay 3KFE361MI

Balay 3KFE361MI Features:

Balay 3KFE361MI
Installation type: Independent
Product color: Stainless steel
Door hinge: Right
Reversible doors: Yes
Built-in display: Yes
Display type: LED
Shelves Material: Tempered glass
Number of compressors: 1
Anti-fingerprint: Yes
Certification: CE, VDE
Total net capacity: 279 L
Climate class: SN-T
Minimum operating temperature: 10 ° C
Maximum temperature: 43 ° C
Noise level: 42 dB
Ice cube dispenser: Not
Refrigerator, net capacity: 192 L
Inside fridge light: Yes
Lamp type: LED
Anti-frost (fridge): Yes
Automatic defrosting (fridge): Yes
Refrigerator, number of compartments: 3
Number of removable shelves: two
Number of compartments for vegetables: 1
Refrigerator door shelves: 3
Egg-cup: Yes
Bottle rack: Not
Frozen position: last place
Freezer Net Capacity: 87 L
Freezing capacity: 11 kg / 24h
Storage time in case of power failure: 19 h
Star Index: 4*
Anti-frost (freezer): Yes
Automatic defrost (freezer): Yes
Freezer, number of compartments: 3
Quick freeze function: Yes
Ice buckets: Yes
Door alarm (open): Yes
Temperature alarm: Yes
Cable length: 2.4 m
Power control
Energy efficiency class: A ++
Energy efficiency scale: A +++ to D
Annual energy consumption: 228 kWh
Connected load: 100 W
AC input voltage: 220 – 240 V
AC input frequency: 50 Hz
Current: 10 A
Weight and measurements
Width: 600 mm
Depth: 660 mm
Height: 1760 mm
Weight: 59.2 kg

Opinions from the Balay 3KFE361MI

The first thing we can say about this refrigerator is that it has a competitive quality-price ratio. It has a stainless steel design that gives it a sleek and modern look which tends to like a lot. Besides, the interior is practical for its ExtraFresh drawer, although it does need a drawer for meat and fish.

Even though he’s in control of the interior, he’s efficient. Yes indeed, can make some noise, but it is not very exaggerated either.

Balay 3KFE561WI

Availability and price of the Balay 3KFE361MI

Do not forget that you can see another combi refrigerator of the brand like the Balay 3KFD763WI.

  • Good value for money.
  • Fluid aesthetics.
  • Easy to organize.
  • No Frost.

  • A drawer for meat and fish is missing.
  • The temperature control is inside.
  • It is not as quiet as other models.

Total score