Balay 3KFE561MI, a very well balanced fridge freezer

balay 3kfe561mi 2.jpg
balay 3kfe561mi 2.jpg

Buying a refrigerator can be a bit more complicated than it seems. We have all already burned that one of the most important features is No Frost, since this avoids us having to go defrosting every so often and, hey, that is appreciated. However, there are many more things that we must take into account, even on the subject of combi refrigerators, the interior distribution is important. Today we are going to talk about all these details and some more about the model Balay 3KFE561MI, a refrigerator + freezer Balay which stands out at first for its good value for money.

We could summarize it in that it is that refrigerator that you should buy if you don’t want to be wrong. But there is much more to tell about him. Get comfortable and read on.

Balay 3KFE561MI Design

Elegant but simple, modern but traditional at the same time. It may seem that little can be touched in the design of an appliance like this, but it is not like that. There are much riskier bets in the market, for example, retro refrigerators are in fashion, such as Ikohs Retro Fridge.

The Balay 3KFE561MI is available in color stainless steel and has dimensions of 60 x 66 x 186 cm and a weight of 62.1 kg. It is quite high, but thanks to this we also gain interior space. The absence of handles or, at least, visible handles stands out, since they are horizontally integrated into the doors of the two main compartments that it has and that, in turn, serve to separate the area of ​​the refrigerator from the from the freezer. This is very good not only on an aesthetic level, it will also help you clean your fridge in a single pass, especially considering that those with a stainless steel finish tend to attract more fingerprints than those that are white.

More things that we can tell you about its design. The doors are reversible and have one small led display on the inside so you can view the temperature and adjust it using buttons, but nothing else. At this point we do need something else, as good techies that we are, but if these details do not matter much to you, the truth is that it does not have much importance. Speaking of missing details, It does not have an ice dispenser or cold water either.

The total capacity is 302 liters. Its energy efficiency is A ++ (on the old scale from A +++ to D) and its cable length is 2.4 meters. In addition, it has a open door alarm so that we can be notified if, by mistake, we leave the fridge or freezer open, something that could spoil our food. And if we talk about noise, the truth is that it is a fairly silent appliance, with a noise of only 42 dB, so it can be a good option if you have a living room-kitchen all in one.

The interior is very well distributed and is quite customizable thanks to the different heights offered by its shelves. Let’s see it in more detail below.

Fridge area

The refrigerator or refrigerator has a lighting LED that consumes up to ten times less than traditional bulbs and that will help us to see clearly every corner. This is very useful so that “lost” food is not left in some corner of the refrigerator. It has a total capacity of 215 liters.

It includes 3 removable and height-adjustable shelves, 4 compartments, 4 shelves in the door, 1 compartment for vegetables and 1 egg cup. Does not come bottle rack. It is worth stopping at the Fresh drawer. It has a fairly large capacity and the goal is to keep all the fruit and vegetables there, or those foods that require greater freshness than the rest of the fridge. In addition, having them always at hand and placed in the same place will help you not to miss a single tomato.

As extras, it has automatic defrosting and frost protection, precisely to avoid what we mentioned at the beginning of this article, having to defrost every two by three, which, if you have ever had to do it, you will know that it is a nuisance.

Balay 3KFE561MI

Freezer area

For its part, the freezer has a net capacity of 87 liters and it can freeze 11kg in 24 hours. It is located in the lower part of the combi and also has a system anti-frost and automatic defrost. In addition, in the event of a power failure, it has a storage time of 19 hours.

It has ice buckets Y 3 compartments, by way of large drawers, so you can freeze your food and never run out. At this point, we highlight the DirectAccess drawer, which allows you to obtain quick and direct access to this area so that you do not have to have the door open too quickly, with the consequent loss of energy that this causes.

Technical characteristics of the Balay 3KFE561MI

Balay 3KFE561MI
Dimensions 60 x 66 x 186 cm
Weight 62.1 kg
Capacity 302 liters
Screen Yeah baby to see the temperature
Colour Stainless steel
Open door alarm Yes
Noise level 42 dB
Cable length 2.4 meters
Reversible door Yes
Ice dispenser Do not
Cold water dispenser Do not
Energy certificate A ++
Capacity 215 liters
  • 3 removable and height-adjustable shelves
  • 4 compartments
  • 4 shelves on the door
  • 1 compartment for vegetables
  • 1 egg cup
Automatic defrosting Yes
Antifreeze Yes
Fresh drawer Yes
illumination LED
Capacity 87 liters
Distribution 3 compartments
Automatic defrosting Yes
Antifreeze Yes
DirectAccess drawer Yes
Storage time in case of power failure 19 hours

Availability and price of the Balay 3KFE561MI

It does not stand out for anything, but you will like it in everything. This may be a good summary of what you can expect from this fridge freezer. Perfect for families because of its good size and also for those who need a generous freezer and the quality of a brand like Balay.

  • Good value for money
  • Good capacity
  • Anti-frost and with automatic defrosting
  • Interior lighting
  • Good interior layout
  • Good energy classification
  • Vegetable and fruit drawer
  • Reversible door

  • The screen is anecdotal
  • It does not have an ice dispenser or cold water
  • It does not bring a bottle rack

Total score