Balay 3KFE561WI, a combi refrigerator with Fresh technology

balay 3kfe561wi cabecera.jpg
balay 3kfe561wi cabecera.jpg

The Balay 3KFE561WI It is a simple-looking white combi refrigerator, but very practical inside thanks to its Fresh drawer and DirectAcces trays. With this Balay refrigerator you can perfectly preserve your food without worrying about anything else, since it is functional, durable and cools very well.

We discuss the Balay 3KFE561WI

There are different options on the market when it comes to getting a refrigerator. The combi, like the Balay 3KFE561WI, undoubtedly they are the most popular, since they suppose an important saving of space offering, at the same time, the characteristics of a refrigerator and a freezer.

That said, we can choose between different models based on our needs and our tastes. Not all users are looking for very modern refrigerators, in stainless steel or with features that they do not understand or that they will not use.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to see simple white refrigerators, like this one in Balay, they are still very popular with the population. In fact, below you will see that, if this refrigerator boasts something, it is practical, since offers Fresh conservation, it comes with integrated handles, it is free to install and its interior is easily organized.

Practical inside and out.

The Balay 3KFE561WI comes with a simple design, yes, but also elegant and very practical. This is due to its integrated horizontal handles, which help you open it without problems. The protruding handles, in addition to being more cumbersome, can contrast too much with the design of the refrigerator. In the case of this, for example, it does not happen.

Inside we will find different characteristics that will confirm that its practicality is not only found on the outside, but also on the inside. One of them is the Fresh drawer. This drawer, thanks to its large capacity, allows you to keep your food fresh and organize it perfectly. In addition, it is perfect for fruits and vegetables.

You will know at all times what you keep.

In fact, you will not have any problem knowing at all times what you have stored. The Balay 3KFE561WI comes with a type of lighting and some trays that will provide you with the security of always knowing what you have in the refrigerator.

Surely it has happened to many of us that we have had to discard some food because it had expired because we did not realize that we had it there. A good LED lighting, which is clearer, brighter and more homogeneous, allows us to see everything we keep perfectly.

In addition, it has other advantages such as that it’s colder, so there are not so many temperature fluctuations, and it is also more efficient, which allows us to save more on the electricity bill.

Also, regarding the trays that we have mentioned, it is about the DirectAcces, a technology that also applies to the freezer and its drawer. Thanks to this type of drawer, we will not waste energy when opening the freezer compartment.

All we have to do is open the door and slide it to be able to reach everything without any problem. A) Yes, We won’t Leave that long with the freezer door open, with the energy expenditure and the conservation disadvantages that this entails.

Balay 3KFE561WI

In summary

The Balay 3KFE561WI, as you have seen, is a refrigerator prepared to be efficient, since it comes with a energy efficiency class A ++, in addition to that it also has measures that will allow you to install it without problem in the kitchen with its 186 x 60 x 66 cm.

As conservation technologies, we can say that it is a NoFrost and bring the Full Skin Condenser technology, which translates into higher capacity and efficiency along with lower noise. In addition, it has horizontal handles integrated on the outside and a Fresh drawer for fruits and vegetables on the inside.

In order to adjust the temperature we can do it in the LED control interior, in addition to the fact that the interior lighting is also LED, which increases gradually. Its glass trays are safety and it comes with an EasyAccess drawer in the freezer.

Finally, we can use different functions such as Super refrigeration and freezing with automatic auto switch-off through its electronic control and be sure of its operation thanks to the optical and acoustic alarm for failure or temperature.

Balay 3KFE561WI

Balay 3KFE561WI Features:

Balay 3KFE361MI
Installation type: Independent
Product color: White
Door hinge: Right
Reversible doors: Yes
Built-in display: Yes
Display type: LED
Shelves Material: Tempered glass
Number of compressors: 1
Certification: CE, VDE
Total net capacity: 279 L
Climate class: SN-T
Minimum operating temperature: 10 ° C
Maximum temperature: 43 ° C
Noise level: 42 dB
Ice cube dispenser: Not
Refrigerator, net capacity: 192 L
Inside fridge light: Yes
Lamp type: LED
Anti-frost (fridge): Yes
Automatic defrosting (fridge): Yes
Refrigerator, number of compartments: 3
Number of removable shelves: two
Number of compartments for vegetables: 1
Refrigerator door shelves: 3
Egg-cup: Yes
Bottle rack: Not
Frozen position: last place
Freezer Net Capacity: 87 L
Freezing capacity: 11 kg / 24h
Storage time in case of power failure: 19 h
Star Index: 4*
Anti-frost (freezer): Yes
Automatic defrost (freezer): Yes
Freezer, number of compartments: 3
Quick freeze function: Yes
Ice buckets: Yes
Door alarm (open): Yes
Temperature alarm: Yes
Cable length: 2.4 m
Power control
Energy efficiency class: A ++
Energy efficiency scale: A +++ to D
Annual energy consumption: 228 kWh
Connected load: 100 W
AC input voltage: 220 – 240 V
AC input frequency: 50 Hz
Current: 10 A
Weight and measurements
Width: 600 mm
Depth: 660 mm
Height: 1860 mm
Weight: 59.2 kg

Opinions from the Balay 3KFE561WI

This refrigerator can boast of a good value for money. It’s simple though its aesthetics are polished and pleasant. In addition, the interior is also practical, although it could use an extra drawer for fresh foods such as meat and fish.

Otherwise efficient, though he’s in control on the inside, and it is not as quiet as other models.

Balay 3KFE561WI

Availability and price of the Balay 3KFE561WI

Do not forget that you can see another combi refrigerator of the brand like the Balay 3KFD763WI.

  • Good value for money.
  • Fluid aesthetics.
  • Easy to organize.
  • No Frost.

  • A drawer for meat and fish is missing.
  • The temperature control is inside.
  • It is not as quiet as other models.

Total score