Balay 3KFE765WI, would you buy a glass refrigerator?

balay 3kfe765wi, would you buy a glass refrigerator
balay 3kfe765wi, would you buy a glass refrigerator

If we talk about refrigerators (and appliances in general),  Balay is one of the firms that has the best reputation thanks to its good quality demonstrated over decades of work. His good work is also reflected in the Balay 3KFE765WI combi  , a model that, although it is not the cheapest or the most modern on the market, offers us excellent quality in its daily performance and a safe bet for those looking for a refrigerator + freezer that will last for years and years.

In this article today we talk about this model, the Balay 3KFE765WI, so that you can assess whether it is a good purchase option for you, if you are considering getting it soon. In addition, we have looked for the best offers so that you can also save a few euros, which never hurts, don’t you think?

Balay 3KFE765WI Design

The Balay 3KFE765WI is a model that boasts a very elegant design as well as modern and colorful. This  free-standing combi offers us a fridge and freezer in just one appliance. It stands out for being quite tall, so you will be able to optimize space in your kitchen. Its dimensions are 2030 x 660 x 600 mm and its weight is 83 kg .

It has  built-in vertical pulls , so nothing stands out in its design and has a clean, minimalist look. The doors are reversible . It is available in white and with glass in its outermost part, which gives it a more premium appearance. Inside it has  LED lighting , which allows low consumption without sacrificing excellent viewing quality. Even if you have an olive hidden in a corner, you will see it well. In the field of lighting we can highlight the ExtraComfort effect  , which illuminates progressively so that it does not give you a glow worthy of migraines when you open it during a night binge …

House 3KFE765WI

If we look at the capacity of the Balay Cristal Series 3KFE765WI, we find a total net capacity of 366 liters , divided into 279 liters for the fridge area and  87 liters for the freezer area. Regarding its distribution, we have  four shelves, three drawers, four shelves on the door, an egg cup and a bottle rack  in the fridge and  three drawers in the freezer.

We also like very much that it has an  electronic touch screen on the door, so that you can access all the functions of your refrigerator (temperatures, memory, alarms, etc.), just by pressing a button, without having to open it.

Finally, it should be noted that it has  optical and acoustic alarms in the event of an open door, breakdowns, failures … If this worries you, we invite you to read our article on possible  noises from the refrigerator so that you can better interpret them.

Any cons? It does not have a dispenser for ice cubes or cold water , something that we do like to see in other models and that for this range and at prices we already appreciate that it includes it. His motives would have Balay and, in any case, it is nothing too crucial.

What refrigeration technologies does it incorporate?

But, of course, beyond having a nice design, a good capacity or that it is well distributed, we need the combi to do its main function well, which is to preserve our food. And in relation to this, everything that we are going to mention below is about.

We have special drawers, such as two 0ºC area drawers that allow meats and fish to be separately organized to prevent odors from mixing, but favoring the ideal temperature for them. Do you want a trick? These drawers can also be used to cool soft drinks and beers in half the time. Each can hold up to 12 cans, so if guests come by surprise, feel free to use them. The other drawer is the ExtraFresh drawer , designed for fruits and vegetables, as it has a humidity regulator.

House 3KFE765WI

An advantage of this model is that it allows you to  regulate the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer independently . It also performs  automatic evaporation and defrosting in both spaces and has Super Cooling and Super Freezing functions  . Of course, it is  NoFrost , that is, anti- frost , so you will avoid defrosting by hand. No longer necessary!

It is also interesting to know that it has a  storage time of 16 hours in case of power failure in the freezer area , so if, for any reason, you lose power or there is a breakdown, you have all this quiet time.

Finally, we want to mention that its energy efficiency is  E and that it is quite quiet ( 39 dB ).

Features of the Balay Cristal Series 3KFE765WI


Dimensions 2030 x 660 x 600 mm
Weight 83 kg
Color White
Main material Cristal
illumination LED, con ExtraComfort
Reversible doors Yes
Shooters Integrated sides
Screen Yes
Interior distribution Fridge:

  • 4 x shelves
  • 3 x drawers
  • 4 x shelves
  • Egg-cup
  • Bottle rack


  • 3 x drawers
  • Cubitera
Total net capacity 366 liters
Net capacity of refrigerator 279 liters
Net Freezer Capacity 87 liters
Optical and acoustic alarm Yes
Cold water dispenser No
Ice dispenser No
Connectivity No
  • NoFrost
  • Independent temperature regulation in fridge and freezer
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Automatic evaporation
  • Super Cooling
  • Super Freeze
Special drawers
  • 2 x Drawers Zone 0ºC
  • 1 x ExtraFresh Drawer
Storage time in case of power failure 16 hours
Energy efficiency E
Noise 39 dB


If you are looking for a nice, elegant combi, with a premium appearance and that will also give you excellent performance, this Balay 3KFE765WI is an ideal option. It does not have connectivity and it is probably its most negative point, but if this does not matter to you, check its best offers to get it today at the best price.




  • With No Frost system
  • Elegant glass design
  • With Super Freezing and Refrigeration
  • Very good capacity
  • Interior layout with special drawers
  • Long storage time in case of power failure




  • Only available in one color
  • It does not have a cold water or ice dispenser
  • It does not have WiFi or any type of connectivity