Balay 3KFE778WI, a white crystal No Frost combi

balay 3kfe778wi.jpg
balay 3kfe778wi.jpg

Do you know glass refrigerators? The classic stainless steel or white refrigerators have now given way to a new type of finish that gives a much more premium look to what is the main appliance in your kitchen. The fridge / freezer combi is now also made of  glass and an example is this Balay 3KFE778WI . The manufacturer  Balay has chosen this material to create its latest piece, a model that is not economical, but that guarantees good operation to whoever buys it.

Balay is a Spanish company born in 1947 that has become an international benchmark in the field of household appliances. In 1989 it was acquired by the BSH group, the German group that includes brands such as Bosch, Siemens or Junkers. It is not the first time that we see a glass refrigerator, in fact, the manufacturer itself has already opted for it in models such as the Balay 3KFE565GI .

Balay Design 3KFE778WI

As we told you, what stands out the most about this Balay 3KFE778WI model is that its most prominent material is  glass . It is part of the  Balay Crystal Series , a very innovative proposal that integrates the handles vertically and leaves the door in glass so that it is elegant, shiny, resistant and very easy to clean. It has dimensions of  2030 x 700 x 670 mm and a weight of  97.9 kg .

Inside, those 70 cm wide are noticeable, and combined with the Full Skin Condenser technology makes the interior capacity higher and much better used. In addition, everything inside is modular, so you can change trays or drawers as you need if at any time you require more space. In the image below you can see the distribution proposed by the manufacturer. In the fridge area we find four shelves, a bottle rack, three drawers and four shelves on the door, while in the freezer area we have three drawers. The door is reversible , so you can open it from left to right or right to left, depending on how it best suits your kitchen.

Balay 3KFE778WI

It should also be noted that it has an  electronic LCD screen  on the door, which allows you to see the interior temperature of the fridge and freezer from the outside and adjust it if necessary.

Inside, this combi has  LED lighting , which consumes up to ten times that of traditional bulbs that were previously used in refrigerators. In addition, it is a very efficient lighting, since it illuminates evenly every corner. It offers a gradual increase in the intensity of the light so that it adapts to any environment, whether we open it at night or during the day.

The total net capacity is  435 liters , with  330 liters for the fridge and  105 liters for the freezer.

The importance of having good drawers

There are those who think that the drawers of the refrigerators only serve to distribute the space better. And today it is not like that. This Balay 3KFE778WI has an ExtraFresh Comfort drawer  , which allows humidity control to achieve the ideal environment for preserving fruits, vegetables, vegetables, etc. It has a double 0ºC drawer  for meat and fish.

Do you want an idea? In these 0ºC drawers of the Balay Cristal Series 3KFE778WI you can put the soft drinks when the visit is going to show up without waiting for them and you want them to cool twice as fast. Up to 12 soft drinks fit in each drawer.

Balay 3KFE778WI

Forget about defrosting with the Balay Serie Cristal 3KFE778WI

This model includes No Frost technology  , to prevent frost from forming and so you don’t have to defrost every so often. It is nothing new, it is true, most of the fridges and freezers today incorporate it, but it is something so useful that it is always worth highlighting.

Defrosting and evaporation is automatic in both the fridge and freezer areas, in addition to being able to reach the desired temperature quickly. All of this is known as  Super Cooling and Super Freezing .

Other qualities

This combi offers excellent performance, as well as being quite quiet ( 40 dB ) and efficient ( E certification  ). In the event of a power failure, it is capable of remaining  20 hours without the food spoiling, something crucial since small power cuts or occasional problems can occur that, in other times, if we had a full fridge, we could spoil everything. It can also happen that it is our mistake or even our little ones. If the door stays open, this combi emits an  acoustic and visual alert so that we can check what happens.

Balay 3KFE778WI

Balay 3KFE778WI Features


Dimensions 2030 x 700 x 670 mm
Weight 97.9 kg
Colour White
Outer material Crystal
Reversible doors Yes
LCD electronic display Yes
LED lighting Yes
Total net capacity 435 liters
Net capacity of the fridge 330 liters
Net Freezer Capacity 105 liters
  • 1 x ExtraFresh Comfort Drawer
  • 2 x Drawer 0ºC
No frost Yes
Super Cooling Yes
Super Freeze Yes
Noise 40 dB
Energetic certification AND
Storage time in case of power failure 20 hours
Open door alert Yes, acoustic and visual



If you are looking for a refrigerator with a high quality, the Balay 3KFE778WI or Balay Serie Cristal 3KFE778WI is a very successful option. It is true that there will be those who miss some extras, such as WiFi connectivity, control via app or the dispensing of ice or cold water. But if all this does not matter to you and what you are looking for is a good appliance, this model will not disappoint you.




  • With No Frost system
  • Elegant glass design
  • With Super Freezing and Refrigeration
  • Very good capacity
  • Interior layout with special drawers
  • Long storage time in case of power failure




  • Only available in one color
  •  It does not have a cold water or ice dispenser
  • It does not have WiFi or any type of connectivity