BALAY 3SB198BP, a dryer with many programs

balay 3sb198bp, a dryer with many programs
balay 3sb198bp, a dryer with many programs

The BALAY 3SB198BP is a heat pump dryer that comes with a wide variety of programs for all types of clothes. If you like dryers and are looking for a new one, don’t miss this one from Balay .

We comment on the BALAY 3SB198BP

The Balay 3SB198BP is a free -standing heat pump dryer with good energy efficiency that will allow you to save time when it comes to drying clothes and also save on electricity bills.

In this way we are facing a dryer that is efficient since it is Classified with an energy efficiency class of A ++. Thanks to this qualification we can know that it will allow us to save on the electricity bill and at the same time that we take care of our pocket we will also pay more attention to the environment.

In fact, this dryer will make our lives much easier since, among other features, it comes with a self- cleaning condenser. This condenser automatically cleans the fluff that forms during drying and reuses the condensed water from the same cycle, thus ensuring energy efficiency throughout the life of the appliance.

Likewise, this dryer is a heat pump, that is, it does not consume as much as conventional dryers that worked, for example, with condensation. Thanks to this, its classification in energy efficiency, as we have said, is A++.


Designed to be comfortable and quiet

The BALAY 3SB198BP comes with other advantages that will be very useful when using it, for example if we want to do it during times when energy rates are cheaper. One of these advantages is undoubtedly that it is built with anti- vibration panels that, as its name suggests, prevent the vibration of the drying cycle from being annoying and noisy.

Besides, another novelty that the dryer brings is that it comes with interior lighting of the drum. This may not seem very relevant at first, but it will be very useful for us to see what is inside and of course not to forget any garment that we have left.

At another point, we must bear in mind that this dryer comes with a drain connection, which is a great help because we will not have to work more. In this way it can be connected to a drain and the water will be emptied directly without us having to do anything for it.

And if we talk about comforts, we can not forget to mention the humidity sensor. This humidity sensor allows dryers to run programs at a certain time, since it automatically detects the humidity of the garments and whether they are already dry or not. In this way coma can extend or shorten the drying cycle depending on the needs of the laundry.


Different programs

In addition to its design, the BALAY 3SB198BP stands out for coming with a good variety of programs that will adjust to different types of garments and fabrics and with which you will always have a drying solution, regardless of what you put inside.

For example, we can find from a lingerie program, with which we can dry up to 1 kilo of clothes of any type and in a single cycle that will use a gentle but efficient drying.

It also has a special program for towels, so that they are soft and well-cared for without sacrificing drying. In this case, we can dry up to 6 kilos of towels or bathrobes and expect perfect results that guarantee their properties.

Nor will we have to worry about whether we want to dry wool, since it comes with a wool finishing program that will allow you to dry it without major problems. This program dries this type of garments gently and helps them keep their shape and feel. In your case, you will be able to dry up to 3 kilos of wool clothes calmly.

It also includes a microfiber program for sports fabrics. You no longer have an excuse not to play sports, or at least, clothes will not be one of them.

With this program you can dry up to 2 kilos of clothes at a delicate temperature that helps the properties of the sportswear fabric to remain intact, as well as its qualities. In fact, the dryer itself will measure the humidity several times during the program to ensure that they are completely dry.

Besides, every good dryer should come with a shirt program that helps us not have to go through long ironing sessions afterwards. This is no exception and it brings its own program for it.

With the shirt program you will wash up to 2 kilos of load that will enjoy a gentle spin, at low revolutions, so that the dreaded wrinkles do not form. Thus, it will be much easier for you if you have to iron afterwards and, in some cases, you will not even have to do it.

Finally, it also comes with a super-fast 40-minute program that will make 2 kilos of clothes dry in just 40 minutes, which will come in handy for sure when you’re in a hurry.


Characteristics of the BALAY 3SB198BP

Installation type: Independent
Type of load: front loading
Drying system: heat pump
Product Color: White
Door hinge: Law
Door style: Glass door
door colour: Black/Transparent
Control type: Rotary, Touch
Drum volume: 112L
Built-in screen: Yes
Display type: leds
Cable length: 1.45m
Certification: CE, VDE
Programs: wool, mix, delicate/silk, microfiber, blouses/shirts, lingerie, towels, dry iron.

Reviews of the BALAY 3SB198BP

This dryer is good value for money. It has a wide variety of programs for different types of clothes and best of all, it is very easy to use. In addition, its design is quite elegant and it comes with a light inside the drum, apart from being a very quiet appliance.

Its most negative point, however, is that it is not as efficient as it promises.


  • Good value for money.
  • Wide variety of programs.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Light on the drum.
  • Silent.
  • It is not as efficient as it promises.