Balay 3TI978B, integrated washing machine with a 7 kg load

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balay 3ti978b, integrated washing machine with a 7 kg load

The Balay 3TI978B is an integrated front-loading washing machine that offers up to 7 kg of capacity and has a power of 1200 rpm. If you are curious to know what this Balay washing machine has to offer, be sure to read today’s article!

This is the Balay 3TI978B

The Balay 3TI978B is a washing machine that, among other features, is built with an ExtraSilencio motor. Said motor is of the Inverter type, which means that it has fewer components than conventional motors. In your case, it does not come with the brushes of traditional washing machines, so there is no wear, friction or heat loss.

All this ensures that it does not consume in excess, only what it needs, since it works at a speed that varies according to the needs it has at each moment, in addition to the fact that the brand offers you a guarantee on it of up to 10 years.

But that’s not all, this motor, in addition to being silent, is accompanied by anti-vibration panels that further reduce the noise that the washing machine can generate. In this way, you can put it on at the time you want without worrying about disturbing the neighbors.

Balay 3TI978B

Practical washing machine that takes care of everything

The Balay 3TI978B is built with a VarioSoft drum that helps, thanks to its design, to take care of the clothes while washing them. This is so because it reduces friction with the walls, so it is largely prevented from being damaged. In fact, it also comes with asymmetric blades so that the clothes are washed evenly and absorb water better.

To this must be added an unbalance control that helps distribute the load inside the drum. If it is unbalanced, the washing machine will make more noise and can even affect the spin, but since it has a 3G sensor designed to detect this problem, it always keeps it centered and, therefore, none of these problems or problems occur. neither does soaked clothes come out.

Also, it should be noted that this washing machine comes with a self-cleaning detergent bucket whose very name indicates its function. This tray cleans itself, because the self-cleaning function prevents the accumulation of detergent and fabric softener residues by removing them with each wash. Thus, the washing machine will not emit bad odours.

And another feature of this washing machine that you will surely love is that the drum itself lights up, so you no longer have to worry about losing something, like those socks that usually disappear.

Balay 3TI978B

Complete functions and programs

The Balay 3TI978B also has very complete functions and programs that will allow you to find the ones that best suit you at all times. For example, with the pause + load function you can stop the washing cycle to add any garment that you have forgotten. It doesn’t matter if it’s underwear or a bathrobe.

To use it, you just have to press the button and, when it stops, add the clothes to press it again and the machine will resume washing right where it left off. You will be able to see all this on its display, where it has different touch functions, apart from providing you with the necessary information on the current cycle.

With this display you will be able to organize your time, since at a glance you will be able to know the status of the wash, although that is not all, you will also be able to adjust parameters such as temperature and some functions.

As for its programs, it is very complete, although we will point out two that are the most used. The one for shirts, on the one hand, since it prevents so many wrinkles from forming thanks to a gentle spin and low revolutions. With this program you can wash up to 2 kilos of clothes.

The other, also very useful, is the super fast program of 15/30 min, with which you can also wash up to 2 kilos of clothes in just that time. Remember that the garments that you put in the machine with this program should have a light degree of soil, but it is ideal for when you are in a hurry for any reason.

In short, it is a very complete washing machine and, above all, very easy to use, which will not be a problem for you to understand and, as it is silent, you can use it whenever you want without any problem.

Balay 3TI978B

Balay 3TI978B Features

Type: Integrated
Type of load: front loading
Product Color: White
Built-in screen: Yes
Display type: leds
Control type: Buttons, Rotary
Door hinge: Left
door colour: White
Cable length: 2.1m
Drum volume: 55L
Certification: CE, VDE
Loading capacity: 7kg
Maximum spin speed: 1200RPM
Wash class: A
Spin dry class: B.
Noise level (spin): 64dB
Noise level (wash): 42dB
Deferred programming: Yes
Delayed start: 24 hours
Cycle time (max): 190 minutes
Cycle time (fast program): 15 minutes
Clarify the Plus function: Yes
Adjustable rotation speed: Yes
Minimum turning speed: 400RPM
Automatic load control: Do not
Automatic load recognition: Yes
Aquastop function: Yes
Foam control system: Yes
residual moisture: 53%
Adjustable temperature: Yes
Add garments function (pause): Yes
Menu languages: Spanish Portuguese
Washing programs: blouses/shirts, cold wash, delicate/silk, wool, mix, prewash, quick, synthetic, whites.
Energy efficiency class: C
Wide: 596mm
Depth: 544mm
Height: 818mm
Weight: 76.3kg

Reviews of the Balay 3TI978B

This washing machine is good value for money. It offers good washing results, as well as some interesting features, such as the light in the drum. It also has an energy efficiency class of C, which means that it is efficient and silent, which is an advantage by allowing us to put it on at any time.

Of course, it has a negative point that many consumers will not like and that is that it has nothing more than a program that can be set at 30 ° and does not correspond to a full load, so if you usually wash at that temperature, you might be better off looking at other models.

Balay 3TI978B


  • Good value for money.
  • Good washing results.
  • Light on the drum.
  • It only has a configurable program at 30° and it is not fully loaded.