Balay 3TS976BA, extra quiet washing machine with 7 kg capacity

balay 3ts976ba cabecera.jpg
balay 3ts976ba cabecera.jpg

Doing laundry is a task that we have to do every day. We already know that, to avoid the laborious task of doing it by hand, we have the always sought after washing machines. However, not all of them fulfill the same functions nor do they all have the same benefits. Leaving aside the misconception that the more features an appliance has, the better its performance, today we are going to talk about a Balay brand washing machine, whose most notable feature is how quiet it is. In addition, it is a very suitable washing machine for daily use and with which you can do the laundry for the whole family without having to worry about whether you are short or not. We are talking about the Balay 3TS976BA, an appliance that can meet the expectations of the most demanding without being one of the most expensive on the market and with a very interesting range of functions.

Balay 3TS976BA

We are in front of a washing machine of free installation, whose dimensions They are 84.8 x 59.8 x 55.0 cm and a net weight of 68 kg. It is front loading, with opening to the left, from White color and his tank is made of plastic. It has a very complete list of features that we will detail below.

We begin by highlighting its energy efficiency rating from the Balay 3TS976BA, with a grade of A +++ thanks to your 10% less consumption than other washing machines. To this is added a extra-quiet motor with 10 year warranty due to the technology implemented in it. His ability for laundry is 7 kg and its ability to spin It is 1200 rpm, being able to select a spin of 1200 to 400 rpm excluding the final spin.

As for his technology, this washing machine boasts VarioPerfect, a function that will allow you to save on consumption and time thanks to two modes of operation: More ecological (up to 50% less energy is used) and Faster (it consumes up to 65% less time).
All this we can select and always be aware that everything works correctly thanks to a LED display It has a load indicator, it shows us the time remaining until the end of the program, its status and indicates the end deferred up to 24 hours.
If we look at the programming possibilities that this washing machine brings, we will find special programs like the one thought for shirts, the anti-allergy, for clothes of sport, the Super fast finishing the casting in 15/30 min., the fast / mix, the exclusive one for dark clothes and one very useful and designed for the maintenance of your device: the drum cleaning.

As if this were not enough, these programs are added functions What less iron, reduced spin and temperature selection. You can also use the function pause + load, which allows us to pause the wash cycle to add clothes if we have forgotten or want to wash more at the last minute. There will be no problem with the amount of laundry thanks to the automatic laundry distribution system, which works by means of a 3G sensor and the detergent overdose warning.

Finally, other interesting features are found in its anti-vibration panels, the multiple water protection, to avoid unwanted leaks and a child safe in order to prevent accidents from occurring.
The Balay 3TS976BA can be installed under the countertop in furniture height 85 cm or more, it has a cAnnual energy and water consumption of 157 kWh / 9020 liters and issues a sound power in washing / spinning 54/74 Db, which makes it one of the quietest models on the market.

General characteristics

Balay 3TS976BA
Dimensions 84.8 x 59.8 x 55.0 cm
Weight 68 kg
Characteristics • Energy efficiency: 10% less than A +++

• ExtraSilence motor with 10 years warranty

• Capacity: 7 kg

• Selection of spin from 1200 to 400 rpm excluding final spin

• VarioPerfect:

– More ecological: up to 50% less energy
– Faster: up to 65% less time

• LED display with charge indication

• Indication of remaining time, program status and delayed end up to 24 hours

• Special programs: shirts, anti-allergy, sport, super fast 15/30 min., Fast / mix, dark clothes, drum cleaning

• Functions: less iron, spin reduction, temperature selection

• Pause + load function: door opening during wash cycle

• Automatic laundry distribution system: 3G sensor

• Detergent overdose warning

• Anti-vibration panels

• Multiple water protection

• Safe for children

• Possibility of installation under the worktop in furniture with a height of 85 cm or more

• Annual energy and water consumption: 157 kWh / 9020 liters

• Sound power wash / spin: 54/74 dB (A) re 1 pW

Opinions from the Balay 3TS976BA

This washing machine boasts, in addition to being very quiet, of the essential functions for a daily use without complications. Thanks to your 7 kg load capacity, It is very suitable for family homes, since it will be possible to wash all of them in one go. The Balay 3TS976BA, as it can be installed under the countertop, becomes a very versatile device and its anti-vibration panels They help the home environment not be disturbed while it is operating. His rThe price-quality ratio is very good, if we take into account the functions and programs it brings, as well as the 10-year brand warranty regarding the life of the engine.
However, keep in mind that if you want install it under the countertop, it must be greater than 85 cm, since if it is less you will not be able to do it.

Balay 3TS976BA

Availability and price of the Balay 3TS976BA

As we have already mentioned before, its value for money is very good, since it complies with most of the benefits that can be required of a 7 kg washing machine. You can find it in White color for an approximate price of 300 euros at your favorite electronics stores like Amazon, Media Markt and El Corte Inglés.


And if you want to look at other washing machines of other brands and capacities, we leave you here the Bosch WAQ2448XES, an 8 kg capacity front-loading washing machine.

  • Extrasilent
  • Pause + load function.
  • 10-year motor warranty.

  • You have to be aware of not exceeding the load.
  • It cannot be installed under countertops shorter than 85 cm.

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