Balay 3TS986BA, the washing machine that makes your life easier

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balay 3ts986ba cabecera.jpg

If what you need is a washing machine that makes your life easier and that you do not have to be almost aware of, the Balay 3TS986BA de Balay will become your perfect washing machine.

Balay 3TS986BA

In the Balay 3TS986BA we will find a washing machine with dimensions of 848 x 598 x 590 mm and a weight 70.6 kg. Some of its most representative characteristics can be summarized in its ExtraSilencio engine, with which you can save up to 30% more energy, since it is qualified with a A +++ grade. Also, this engine has a 10-year warranty, which includes replacement, labor, and travel. Its large capacity of 8 kg will allow you to carry out large laundry for the whole family and its 1200 rpm in the spin is more than enough to obtain good results, without forgetting that, in addition, you can pause it if you have forgotten a garment and add it without any problem.

In addition, this washing machine brings automatic dosing, a very useful feature as well as easy to configure. You just have to fill the drawer with 1.3 liters of detergent and 0.5 liters of fabric softener. In this way, you will forget about having to refill it for 20 washes, as the Balay 3TS986BA itself will administer the detergent exactly in each cycle and thus avoid overdosing. This will allow you to save water, as there is no excess foam and reduce rinses, along with preventing the risk of allergies as there is no residue on the clothes. Its 3g sensor also controls any imbalance, such as, for example, if the load is not well distributed in the drum to keep it centered and always comes out with the ideal level of humidity according to the chosen program. The VarioSoft drum takes maximum care of your laundry because it reduces friction with the walls and thus prevents it from being damaged. Also, its automatic program at 40º C, since it is the best for treating resistant fabrics. The Balay 3TS986BA itself will detect the degree of dirt and the type of garments you have put in, and will adapt the detergent and revolutions to your needs at the touch of a button.

Organizing your time will now be much easier, because thanks to the LED display which shows you the main washing information at a glance, you can always know the time remaining for the program to end. What if we talk about types of clothing? What about dark clothes? Well this washing machine will take care of your colors for longer, since it brings a special program for dark clothes, whether cotton, synthetics or jeans. His anti-allergy program, now that we are discussing some types of programs, not only does it wash clothes effectively, but it also takes care of the most sensitive skins, and this is achieved with a higher washing temperature and a greater number of rinses, with which, of this In this way, it guarantees the elimination of germs and bacteria and achieves maximum hygiene. The shirt program It will be essential to fight wrinkles, since you can wash up to 2 kilos of load with a gentle spin, at low revolutions, to avoid their formation. Thus, you will have the shirts ready to wear, with much less effort.

Other interesting features are in its self-cleaning detergent bucket, whose practical self-cleaning function prevents the accumulation of detergent and fabric softener residues and removes them completely with each wash. His super fast program 15 min / 30 min, with which you can wash up to 2 kilos of lightly soiled garments, in half an hour or less and its ExtraSilence motor that, as we have mentioned before, has 10 year warranty and emits very little noise. What if you go over detergent? Don’t worry, the Balay 3TS986BA comes with a detergent overdose warning thanks to its system of “recognition of excess foam” with which it will notify you when you have added more than necessary. Thus, you will know it for the next wash and you will reduce the amount with the saving of detergent, water and time that this supposes.

And as usual, here we provide you with the list of benefits taken from the website itself so that at a glance you know everything that this washing machine offers you:

  • Automatic dosing of detergent and fabric softener
  • Energy efficiency: 30% less than A +++
  • ExtraSilence motor with 10 years warranty
  • AquaControl: Minimum water consumption, Linear adjustment depending on the load
  • Capacity: 8 kg
  • Spin selection from 1200 to 400 rpm excluding final spin
  • VarioPerfect: Greener: up to 50% less energy, Faster: up to 65% less time
  • LED display with charge indication
  • Indication of remaining time, program status and delayed end up to 24 h
  • Special programs: shirts, anti-allergy, curtains, super fast 15/30 min., Automatic 40ºC, fast / mix, dark clothes, drum cleaning, synthetic duvets
  • Functions: prewash, less iron, spin reduction, + eco, + fast, temperature selection
  • Pause + load function: door opening during wash cycle
  • Automatic laundry distribution system: 3G sensor
  • Detergent overdose warning
  • Self-cleaning detergent bucket
  • VarioSoft drum with asymmetric blades
  • Anti-vibration panels
  • Multiple water protection
  • Safe for children
  • Possibility of installation under the countertop in furniture height 85 cm or more
  • Annual energy and water consumption: 137 kWh / 9900 liters
  • Sound power wash / spin: 50/74 dB (A) re 1 pW

Balay 3TS986BA Features

Balay 3TS986BA
Appliance dimensions: height x width x depth (without door) 848 x 598 x 590 mm
Capacity (kg) 8.0 kg
Maximum spin speed 1,200 rpm
Energy efficiency class (2010/30 / EC) A +++
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh / annum) – NEW (2010/30 / EC) 137
Programs Progr Prend of wool – Lav man, Progr Prend of delicate fabrics, Progr Prend of very delicate fabric, Progr Rop blanc / col tej resist
Cotton programs Cotton cold-90ºC, Economic
Synthetic fabrics programs Cold cotton -60ºC
Wash options Rinse / Float, AllergyPlus / Hygiene, Automatic, Shirts, curtains 30 ° C, EcoPerfect, Easy iron, i-DOS 1, i-DOS 2, Start + pause / load, Feathers, pre-wash, time preselection, fast / mix, selectable revolutions, Dark clothing, temperature selection, SpeedPerfect, Super fast 15/30 min

Opinions from the Balay 3TS986BA

The Balay 3TS986BA is a good washing machine, offering some very interesting features. Fast and very quiet. Despite having a very good value for money, it can be a bit expensive for some pockets.

Balay 3TS986BA

Availability and price of the Balay 3TS986BA

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  • Quick, silent.
  • Very good features and functions.

  • Although its value for money is very good, it can be a bit expensive for some pockets.

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