Balay 3VS6030BA, modern white dishwasher

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balay 3vs6030ba, modern white dishwasher

The Balay 3VS6030BA is a very modern, white, free-standing dishwasher that offers a capacity of up to 12 cutlery. This Balay model has several interesting functions, as well as a beautiful aesthetic that you will surely love.

This is the Balay 3VS6030BA

The Balay 3VS6030BA is a dishwasher that can be considered silent, because it has been built with a motor called ExtraSilencio, whose manufacture has been carried out with fewer parts than conventional motors, thus dispensing with traditional brushes and changing them for magnets.

Likewise, the fact that it does not come with these brushes ensures that there is not so much friction between its components, so the device does not have to exert as much effort and, therefore, it works more efficiently. In addition, as this friction does not occur, vibrations are also reduced, making it an even less noisy appliance.

This model, in addition, presents a very beautiful aesthetic in white in which its electronic display stands out in black where you will not only be able to see the information of the different washing cycles, but you will also be able to choose the different programs and functions thanks to its controls. tactile. As for its interior, it comes with folding rods for the baskets so that you can organize yourself as you wish and take advantage of all the space.

But this is not all, as we say, in this display you will be able to see the time that the washing cycle lacks to finish. In this way, you will be able to plan your time without having to constantly be aware of the dishwasher, and since it is free to install, you will be able to put it wherever you want or where it is most comfortable for you. Its design looks good with any kitchen, since it is neat and beautiful, so the final decision of where to put it will always be up to you.

And we cannot forget the AquaStop anti-leak system, which is guaranteed for life and designed to prevent damage caused by undesirable water leaks. This system is made up of a double water inlet tube, so, in the event of a leak, what would happen is that the liquid would remain inside the tube and, in this way, it would not come out or damage the the floor or the furniture.

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With good programs and functions

Regarding the programs and functions of the Balay 3VS6030BA, we have to say that it is a very complete dishwasher and that they are designed to make your life much easier, because with some you will not even need to think about the necessary settings to guarantee great results. .

For example, one of these programs is the “Auto Diary”. This program is responsible for establishing for you the parameters of water, temperature and time according to what the crockery needs depending on the degree of dirt so that it is perfectly clean. In this way, you will not have to worry about falling short in the wash or going overboard and therefore wasting resources.

In fact, an interesting function that also has something to do with this program is the “All in 1” function, which adapts to each detergent and, therefore, automatically adjusts itself to obtain the best results depending on which one we are using. . Not to mention that you also have an ECO” program to save.

The ECO program optimizes the consumption of water and energy so that the dishes are completely clean without wasting more. To do this, it measures the degree of dirt and, after that, adjusts the water, temperature and time to achieve an outstanding cleaning without spending more.

After washing the dishes, and with the “Dry+” function, it will be completely dry, and it is a function that also comes in especially handy for plastic containers, which are the ones that usually cause more problems when it comes to drying them well. This function, in short, consists of increasing the temperature in the last rinse and lengthening the drying time.

All this with the possibility of washing the dishes you need without any restriction. No more having to fill the dishwasher to be able to wash with it. With the “Half load” function, you will not only be able to wash less dishes, but you will also be able to distribute them better inside the dishwasher and save up to 20% on consumption . Therefore, you will be able to make use of this versatile and, at the same time, very useful function.

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In summary

As you can see, the Balay 3VS6030BA is a very complete dishwasher with a capacity of 12 cutlery, made up of an ExtraSilencio motor, an upper basket that is adjustable in height, a lower basket with an extraction system that slides easily and has a safety brake and folding rods. In this last. In addition, it also has the AquaStop system with a lifetime guarantee and a fully stainless steel tank that offers a 10-year guarantee.

With an energy efficiency of D, this dishwasher can be controlled through its smartphone application called App Home Connect and through its digital display that has an integrated child safety lock. Thus, among the different options, we can range from programming on a 24-hour delay, to seeing the indications of remaining time and replenishment of salt and rinse aid.

It comes with 6 washing programs, in addition to the option to set our favorite, with another special one for cleaning the tub and five functions, including Dry+, which will help you dry plastic containers and cutlery effectively. . It also has the pause + load function and a glass protection system that can benefit from its automatic “All in 1” detergent detection.

Bullet 3VS6030BA

Features of Balay 3VS6030BA

Product Width: 600
Product height: 845
Installation type: Built-in under counter
Energy efficiency class (norm (EU) 2017/1369): D
Programs: AUTOMATIC 45-65 °C, Eco, INTENSIVE, Fast
Options: Extra Dry, Tub Clean, Half Load, Remote Start
Remaining time indication: Yes
Airborne noise emissions (EU 2017/1369): 48
Third tray: None
Removable lid: Yes
Power cord length (cm): 175
Outlet sleeve length: 190
Standby/network power consumption. See the instruction manual on how to disable the WiFi module.: 2.0
Standby/Network Timer: 2.0
On Mode Duration – New Labeling (2010/30/EC): 0
Airborne noise emission class (EU 2017/1369): C
Device dimensions: 845x600x600
Removable worktop height (mm): 30
Net weight / kg): 47,142

Balay 3VS6030BA Reviews

This dishwasher is very good value for money . It stands out for presenting a beautiful design, although what I like the most about it are the number of programs and functions that it brings and that, at another point, you can establish from its smartphone application.

That said, we find a negative point in it, and that is that most of its washing cycles are very long.

Bullet 3VS6030BA

  • Good value for money.
  • cute design
  • Control via app.
  • Full of programs and functions.
  • Most wash cycles are very long.