Balay 3VS6660IA, a dishwasher for 13 services with 16 programs

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balay 3vs6660ia, a dishwasher for 13 services with 16 programs

If you need to change the dishwasher, today we propose an option that we have just hunted on sale and that is very interesting. The Balay 3VS6660IA  is the proposal  Balay  to provide good capacity and many programs for everyone in your dishes need washing. This manufacturer stands out in the market for its long history and for its excellent quality-price ratio and in this case, with this Balay 3VS6660IA it once again fulfills its objective.

If you are thinking of buying it, then we will talk about its most outstanding characteristics so that you can assess whether it is a good option for you or not.

Balay 3VS6660IA Layout

The new Balay 3VS6660IA has dimensions of  60 x 84.5 x 60 cm  and a weight of  42 kg . They are the standard dimensions of this type of appliance, so, unless you have special needs, it should fit without problem in the space that you have designated in the kitchen for it. It is a free-standing dishwasher  . It is built in stainless steel , it does not have a finish that collects much fingerprints, but, even so, keep in mind that you will have to clean it on the outside from time to time as well.

It comes with  adjustable feet so that you do not limp at any time, since a poorly balanced of your appliance could lead to a more ineffective cleaning even in a problem in the long run. On the front it has a  screen that occupies practically the entire upper part and where we can see all the details of our wash cycle, with  14 buttons so that we can make the appropriate selections. The truth is that at first it may seem somewhat complicated due to such a variety of buttons, but the moment you get used to it you will see that it is very easy to use. The buttons, by the way,  can be locked, something essential if there are children at home to prevent them from manipulating this device without our knowledge.

House 3VS6660IA

Inside we find  three heights : two large baskets for dishes, pans, pots, etc., and a small basket for cutlery and small objects.

Quiet inverter motor, capacity and safety

A detail that is worth highlighting if we fully enter into its technical specifications is that it has an  extra-quiet , brushless inverter motor, which reduces friction and therefore noise. In turn, this improves the efficiency of the device and lengthens the life of the motor.

With regard to safety, as we told you, it has a child lock to prevent the buttons from being accidentally touched, but it also has an  anti-overflow system so that the water does not leak out of the appliance and cause accidents in our kitchen.

Its capacity is undoubtedly one of the most interesting points, with  13 services , enough for a home made up of 4-5 people or to receive guests. The noise level is  44 dB , quite quiet for the type of appliance it is.

House 3VS6660IA

How does this dishwasher work?

We can highlight its ability to wash  half a load . In this way, we will not have to wait until the dishwasher is full, which can cause bad odors or even a source of bacteria if we leave it for several days. Of course, keep in mind that it  does not have automatic load detection , so you will have to be the one who decides when to activate this button and when to wash at normal load. An interesting detail that we must highlight is that the half load does not mean that you have to crowd everything in the same basket: you can distribute the weight throughout its interior space.

Another interesting function is the  Dry + Function , a mode that increases the temperature after the last rinse and makes the drying phase last a little longer so that, as soon as you open your dishwasher, everything is perfectly dry and you can store it directly, even the kitchenware. made of plastic that always takes a little longer to dry.

It has  four wash temperatures and  six programs :

  • Fast 45ºC
  • Automatic 45ºC – 65ºC
  • 1 hour 65ºC
  • Eco 50ºC
  • Intensive 70ºC
  • Favorite program

With these programs you will have enough for any situation that washing your dishes must face, whether you want to clean the dishes from day to day, with a quick program you will have, as if you want to wash trays and pots that are more dirty, in this case the intensive will be yours.

As against, it does not have WiFi or any other type of connectivity that allows us to control it remotely or connect it to the apps that enhance the use of the Smart Home.

Technical characteristics of the Balay 3VS6660IA


Dimensions 60 x 84.5 x 60 cm
Weight 42 kg
Color Stainless steel
Type Free installation
Adjustable feet Yes
Screen Yes
Buttons 14
Child block Yes
Overflow protection Yes
Capacity 13 services
Noise level 44 dB
Interior distribution 3 heights
Half load Yes
Dry + function Yes
Automatic load detection No
Detergent dispenser No
Number of temperatures 3
  • Fast 45ºC
  • Automatic 45ºC – 65ºC
  • 1 hour 65ºC
  • Eco 50ºC
  • Intensive 70ºC
  • Favorite program


This is a recommended dishwasher for those looking for a good value for money, efficient and effective cleaning and a large capacity. It is true that it does not seem to incorporate the most cutting-edge innovations, such as WiFi connectivity, for example, control via app or intelligent detergent dispenser, but, in any case, if all this is not important to you, you can rest assured to take home a practical appliance with excellent performance.

Do you want to see other options? Here we leave you our review of the characteristics of the Balay 3VT4030NA .


  • Good value for money
  • Wash well
  • Dries well
  • Pretty quiet
  • Energy efficient good
  • Stainless steel tank
  • With child lock
  • It allows to put half load
  • Screen with useful information
  • With third tray


  • It is not one of the most original in design
  • Does not have AutoDos
  • Does not have WiFi connectivity
  • Does not have automatic load detection