Balay 3VT5330DA, a compact dishwasher with three trays

balay 3vt5330da 2.jpg
balay 3vt5330da 2.jpg

Finding a dishwasher that meets expectations is not always as easy as it may seem at first glance. Because it is not enough to read a series of specifications and classify it as “good” or “bad”. At the moment of truth, a good dishwasher is one that, when you open it, makes you find your dishes totally clean, without traces of dirt, as well as dry and shiny. East Balay 3VT5330DA It achieves it, so, starting from this premise, we are going to recount in this article all its technologies and its advantages in case you are thinking of buying it. And, of course, since there are no advantages without disadvantages, we are also going to tell you what are the points where it falters the most.

Balay 3VT5330DA Layout

Balay has offered us a model of dishwasher that from the first moment we look at it we realize that it is special. Be part of the so-called small or compact dishwashers. Typically, this appliance has a standard size of 60 cm. But the reality is that not all kitchens have enough space to house it, so most manufacturers have some option in their catalog so that space is not a problem. In this case, this Balay 3VT5330DA has a size of 45 x 82 x 55 cm and a weight of 26.6 kg.

The finish is in White and it also has an anti-fingerprint treatment so that the fingers are not marked every time you touch it. For its part, the inner tank is built in stainless steel. A very curious detail (although it is becoming less and less original) is that the display and buttons they are “hidden” inside the dishwasher, at the top of the door. Thanks to this, when it is closed we have a completely smooth surface, which could well go through any kitchen cupboard.

In short, this built-in dishwasher it tries to merge with your kitchen, occupying the minimum space while giving you a good quality. Has a capacity for 10 services and is organized in three trays, one of the novelties of dishwashers in recent years compared to those that are somewhat older.

But a nice design is nothing without good quality. We are now going to know precisely this fact: how it washes and how it works.

Balay 3VT5330DA

Dishwasher programs

We met with four programs:

  • Automatic 45-65ºC
  • Echo
  • Intensive
  • Fast

In addition, you can choose additional wash options:

  • Cleaning the tank
  • Half load
  • Remote start

Are these programs enough? For day to day, yes. Really if you look at the appliances you already have at home, such as the oven or the washing machine, it does not matter if it comes with dozens of programs and settings. We are animals of habit and we use one or two at the most. Does it happen to you too?

We assure you that the ones you are going to use the most are the automatic and the fast, depending on how long you spend, in addition to the half load option, which can come in handy if you live alone or if you want to wash daily instead of waiting for having the dishwasher loaded (there are many people who do not like this because of odors, lack of kitchenware, dirt that becomes more encrusted …).

Balay 3VT5330DA

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to everything mentioned so far, we also want to highlight that it has good power despite its small size and above all that it is quite silent when cleaning. It has a power of 2,400 W and a noise of 48 dB, nothing bad. On the other hand, it also has the security system AquaStop to avoid water leakage. In terms of its energy efficiency, it has a value F. Something scarce, considering that high-end dishwashers have a certification of at least D (taking as a value the new scale that goes from A to G). Therefore, it is not the most efficient, but it could certainly be worse.

Balay 3VT5330DA

As you can see, it is a correct model, which washes very well and takes up little, but it is true that we noticed some lack. It is not one of the most advanced in terms of technology, it does not have, for example, steam washing or WiFi connectivity, we cannot program it and it does not have a child lock either. For all this, it is a good model for someone who is looking for a compact dishwasher with a good washing quality and with the reputation of a brand like Balay, but without extras or “pijaditas”.

Balay 3VT5330DA Features

Balay 3VT5330DA
Dimensions 600mm x 600mm x 850mm
Weight 26.6 kg
Colour White
Tank material Stainless steel
Capacity 10 services
Trays 3
  • Automatic 45-65ºC
  • Echo
  • Intensive
  • Fast
Additional wash options
  • Cleaning the tank
  • Half load
  • Remote start
Automatic door opening No
Power 2,400 W
Noise 48 dB
Child lock No
AquaStop system Yes
Dirt sensor No
Water softener No
Delay start No
Connectivity No
Energy efficiency F

Availability and price of the Balay 3VT5330DA

This is one of those dishwashers that, if you tell us that you have little space in the kitchen, we will recommend yes or yes. Despite being small at first glance, it has a quite acceptable interior capacity and its distribution in three trays seems super useful. The “hidden” screen gives it a very current and modern design. It has few programs, but they are enough for day-to-day cleaning. In addition, you can put half a load, something that is very interesting and that you will use more than you think. We miss some connectivity

  • Good capacity
  • Smaller than usual compact size
  • Comes with cutlery trays
  • Easy to clean
  • Good power
  • Various preconfigured programs
  • Various extra functions
  • Very easy to use
  • Leak protection
  • Can be put half load
  • Makes little noise
  • Modern design

  • No WiFi connectivity
  • No steam cleaning
  • No child lock
  • Not very energy efficient

Total score