Bathroom renovation prices, we tell you what it depends on

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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Due to the continuous use that is given to it every day and the wear that over time usually appears due to humidity, it is one of the parts of the house that requires more maintenance and is more often reformed. But, How much does it cost to reform a bathroom? We already anticipate that bathroom renovation prices can vary greatly depending on various factors. Do not forget that when you “fix” a bathroom, in addition to adding extra value to the house, you are gaining in aesthetics, functionality, comfort and safety. And consequently, your family will enjoy greater well-being and comfort.

Bathroom size

Obviously, the cost of the reform will depend primarily on the square meters of the bathroom. It is not the same to renovate a toilet measuring 1.20 x 1.20 meters, than a “gentleman” bathroom with a hydromassage bathtub included. The size of the bathroom is often used to make an approximate estimate of the renovation budget.

Demolitions and debris

Another factor that will affect the prices of bathroom renovations is whether it is necessary to carry out demolition of tiles, lifting of toilets and accessories, etc., as well as cleaning the place of debris, taking it to a container or transporting it to a duly authorized landfill. What normally supposes an extra cost.

Plumbing and sanitary

If the bathroom is very old, you will almost certainly have to change all the water pipes and drains, both for the washbasin and for the toilet, the bidet, the shower tray or the bathtub. Here we could also include the choice of toilets: sink with taps, toilet, and shower or bathtub (plus screen). Logically, depending on the quality of the pieces, the budget will be more or less expensive.


It is also necessary to take into account if the electrical installation has to be renewed to adapt it to the new legislation and provide it with the necessary security. This includes wall and ceiling light points, as well as the placement of sockets and switches. Another expense that should be added to the budget and therefore will raise the bathroom renovation prices.

Find a trustworthy company

Bathroom renovation prices, company

When it comes to reforming a bathroom, it is essential to hire a guarantee company.

A fundamental section that must be considered is the workforce. For this kind of work, the most advisable thing is to hire a guarantee company such as Reformas Castro, which has more than 20 years of experience in bathroom renovations prices. Our advice is that you try to hire a trustworthy company that offers you the best price with the best guarantees.

Request several personalized quotes

In any case, Before undertaking the renovation of a bathroom, all the work that you want to do must be well planned. Hence the importance of having the help of professionals who can advise us and offer a quality service, and at a competitive price. This can save us a lot of money, and avoid having to make changes on the fly in the works, which will increase the costs of the bathroom renovation. To specify the prices of bathroom renovations, we recommend that you request several personalized estimates, with a detailed breakdown with the different items. Be sure to see our article with tricks to make better use of the space in our bathroom.