Beko B1RCNE404XB, a basic combi with Crisper drawer

beko b1rcne404xb, a basic combi with crisper drawer
beko b1rcne404xb, a basic combi with crisper drawer

What do we have to ask our new combi? Let it cool and freeze well, it’s the first thing. But making our lives easier should also be a priority. Choosing is becoming more complicated, since there are dozens and dozens of different models but at the same time very similar to each other. How do you know how they are different and which one is the best for you? In Gizhogar you will find all the information you need to choose wisely. If a few days ago we talked about the Beko B5RCNE405LXP model , today we are going with another very similar appliance, the  Beko B1RCNE404XB .

Do you want to know it in depth? Here you have all the information you need to have before making your decision. Let’s see what  Beko has prepared for us .

Design of the Beko B1RCNE404XB

This Beko B1RCNE404XB is the result of work that has sought to combine functionality and a good price. On the subject of design, which is where we always like to start talking about appliances, we can highlight that it is built in a  stainless steel color . It has a size of  203.5 x 59.5 x 66.3 cm and a weight of 76 kg . This  free-standing combi has a  reversible door , so that we can place it indistinctly from left to right or from right to left. In addition, it also has  interior LED lighting so that you can see everything clearly, yes, only in the refrigerator area, since the freezer does not have this capacity.

It is also worth noting that its  SmoothFit 90º design allows the refrigerator to be placed in a corner, so opening the door will not be a problem. It has a capacity of  355 liters , which is divided into 249 liters for the refrigerator and  106 liters for the freezer.

Beko B1RCNE404XB

If we look at its interior layout, we find ourselves in the refrigerator with  five shelves, one drawer, four door shelves and an egg cup , while in the freezer we have  two drawers and one shelf . The result is a versatile appliance that allows us to store any type of food without its volume being a problem.

As a drawback, we find that  it does not have a cold water or ice dispenser and no connectivity option , in addition to the aforementioned lack of lighting in the freezer.

Technologies to highlight

We start by talking about its  NeoFrost Dual Cooling technology , which we have already seen in other Beko appliances and which gives us a double benefit. On the one hand, we have No Frost technology, which prevents frost from being generated inside this appliance and therefore the food will be better preserved and we will also save time because we will not have to defrost it manually. The second benefit is that it has two independent cooling systems that allow it to work at maximum performance without mixing odours.

We also have AeroFlow technology  , which allows us to get an even temperature distribution from top to bottom. If you notice that your food stays fresher for longer, with more color and a juicier flavor, it will not be a coincidence. The responsible is this technology that is very worthwhile.

Beko B1RCNE404XB

The  vacation mode  is another of the functions that is most worth highlighting. And it is that it will come in handy if you spend some time away from home, whether you have a second home or simply that you can afford to go on vacation from time to time. What is this mode for? It offers us the possibility of disconnecting the refrigerator part and keeping the freezer part active. Thanks to this, we will save energy, we will give our appliance a break and we will not run out of food at any time, since we can always store our food or tupperware in the freezer and have it ready when we return home.

We also have  a rapid refrigeration function , with which we can have our food well preserved in record time, even if we have just arrived from the supermarket with full bags. This is very important so that the food does not spoil.

Silent and efficient

In addition, we also have to mention that it is a fairly quiet appliance. According to the manufacturer, the data is  35 dB below the average. Likewise, it is also efficient , with an energy class  E.

Another fact that you should know before buying your freezer (or even if you have already bought it, is information that will help you better understand how this device works and how to get the most out of it). This is the conservation or storage time in case of power failure. In this case, it offers us  11 hours , which is not bad at all, but we must bear in mind that it is not the best data on the market.

Technical characteristics of the Beko B1RCNE404XB

Dimensions 203.5 x 59.5 x 66.3cm
Weight 76kg
Color Stainless steel
Guy Free installation combi
reversible doors Yes
SmoothFit 90º door Yes
interior LED lighting Yes (in the fridge)
Total net capacity 355 liters
Refrigerator net capacity 249 liters
Freezer net capacity 106 liters
Interior distribution Fridge:

  • 5 x Shelves
  • 1 x Drawer
  • 4 x door shelves
  • 1 x Egg Cup


  • 2x Drawers
  • 1 x Shelf
cold water dispenser Nope
ice dispenser Nope
connectivity Nope
Technologies to highlight
  • NeoFrost Dual Cooling
  • AeroFlow
  • Holiday mode
  • rapid cooling
Noise level 35dB
Energy efficiency AND
Storage time in case of power failure 11 hours

If you are looking for a combi with a good quality-price ratio, this Beko B1RCNE404XB is not going to disappoint you, as long as you are clear that it is not a super modern or technologically advanced equipment.

  • Good value for money
  • nice design
  • With No Frost technology
  • Keeps odors separate
  • interior LED lighting
  • too quiet
  • with outer screen
  • Only available in one color
  • It does not have a cold water or ice dispenser.
  • Does not have any connectivity option
  • Somewhat reduced capacity
  • It does not have lighting in the freezer part