Beko HS221530N, compact chest freezer with MinFrost

beko hs221530n 2.jpg
beko hs221530n 2.jpg

Freezers are the stars of the summer, but their success does not wane at the end of this season. Throughout the year they can be very useful and, if you have space at home, we recommend that you begin to assess the possibility of having one. Not only will it allow you to have more food in good condition at home, but this also translates into more free time for you (if you have to go shopping fewer times, you will save a lot of time at the end of the month) and be more prepared before unexpected visits. There are more benefits and each person can have their own motivations for choosing this appliance. Have you already convinced yourself that you need one? In that case, let us tell you about the Beko HS221530N, a compact and inexpensive chest freezer that can serve as an entrance to this type of products.

Design of the Beko HS221530N

This model of Beko It’s about a free-standing chest freezer. It is available in color White and its dimensions are 91.2 x 75.5 x 67.5 cm and a weight of 35 kg. The best thing is its capacity, so it is true that, although it is compact compared to other models in terms of width, it offers us a very good capacity and will help you make the most of its space. You can store up to 205 liters capacity.

Its interior distribution is another issue that worries us a lot in this type of electrical appliance and that is that, due to its format, it is not well optimized or, rather, it is not easily accessible to all its corners. By having a horizontal shape, it is possible that we “forget” those foods that we leave in the lower part of the freezer or that we simply do not see them because of the rest of the things we have on top. Do you want a little trick? It may be somewhat cumbersome at first, but we assure you that as soon as you start to get used to using this method (if you follow it strictly) it will bring you many advantages. It consists of keeping a small record in an Excel sheet or a Notion-type app with all the food and products that you keep in your freezer. Of course, every time you take one out you will have to delete it from the list. This way, you can always know what you have in the freezer without having to open it or rummage through it.

It has no display, a detail that gives us a glimpse that it is a fairly basic model and that we are missing in order to have greater control of the temperature of this product.

Minimal ice build-up

One of the most cumbersome tasks of these appliances is to defrost and clean their interior. In this case, Beko has endowed this model with the technology MinFrost so that, through its special evaporation system, the production of ice inside is reduced to the maximum and, therefore, we are free to defrost (or at least we do not have to do it on a regular basis).

This also makes it more efficient (energy speaking). It has category A + and a cyclic cold system for faster freezing. Its daily freezing capacity is 12 kg.

Another fact that you should pay attention to, especially if you are going to mount your chest freezer in a place where you are going to be present or in a place where you pass by such as the kitchen or the terrace, is that its noise level is minimal. In this case, this Beko model has a sound power of 39 dB, a minimum data that, although it is not totally silent, leaves us more than satisfied in this regard.

How to better optimize the space of your freezer chest

This is one of the questions that novice buyers of these chests ask themselves the most. It is a type of appliance that, until not long ago, was reserved especially for businesses or venues, but it was not common to see them in homes. Households are gradually joining this trend, which takes away some physical space but gives much more capacity to store food and to better plan our meals.

Regardless of the registration in an excel sheet or a Notion-type app that we have already mentioned, to better optimize the space of your freezer chest we recommend that place the largest pieces at the bottom (for example, pieces of meat or whole fish) and that you wrap everything in transparent plastic or label it well so that you know perfectly what each thing contains. The products that you are going to use almost daily (such as vegetables, fruits or tuppers if you are one of those who freeze on the weekend to eat on daily days) should be at the top so that they are more accessible and in the waste basket. grid that these appliances usually include we would put the small pieces, such as ice cream.

Technical characteristics of the Beko HS221530N

Beko HS221530N
Dimensions 91.2 x 75.5 x 67.5 cm
Weight 35 kg
Colour White
Kind Freestanding chest freezer
Ability 205 liters
Display Not
Cold system Cyclic
Daily freezing capacity 12 kg
Technology MinFrost
Noise 39 dB
Energy efficiency A +

Availability and price of the Beko HS221530N

If you are looking for a cheap chest freezer, with good capacity and a compact size, we recommend that you take a look at this model that can perfectly meet your needs without having to spend more. In addition, Beko is a brand with a great reputation in this segment, so you will be supported and with the peace of mind of being betting on a manufacturer that knows what it does and knows how to do it well.

If you want to see other similar models, you can take a look at our article of the Beko HSA3250n.

  • Good capacity
  • Makes very little noise
  • Fast freezing time
  • Good energy efficiency
  • Anti-frost technology

  • It has no interior lighting
  • It has no display
  • Can be difficult to access products left at the bottom
  • It does not have the possibility of setting different temperatures by zones
  • It is only available in white

Total score