Beko HSA32530N, a chest freezer with a high capacity

beko hsa32530n 2.jpg
beko hsa32530n 2.jpg

Freezer chest yes or no? When hot temperatures hit, we all miss having more capacity in our freezer. Whether you are a fan of ice cream or if you are looking to have a freezer full of meat for your next barbecues with a host of guests at home, these types of appliances are attracting more and more interest. They are not essential, far from it, but they can help you make your home life much more comfortable. Do you want us to recommend a model? The Beko HSA32530N It seems to us a super interesting option.

It has a high capacity, a fairly reasonable price and the quality of Beko, one of the leading brands in this type of household appliances. We will know everything about him below.

Design of the Beko HSA32530N

This Beko HSA32530N is a model that is available only in color White. It is free installationYou only need to connect it to an electrical outlet through the included plug and that’s it. You can place it anywhere, whether you want to have it in the kitchen, along with the rest of the appliances, or if you want to bring it up to the terrace or put it in the garden so that ice cream and ice cream for drinks are very close at your parties.

Its dimensions are 86 x 110.5 x 67.5 cm and its weight is 44.5 kg. As you can see, it is quite bulky, but this is justified due to the high capacity of this chest freezer. It has 298 liters capacity, which will give you many, many frozen. One question that may arise in this regard is that in some places you will see this model with a capacity of 315 liters. Both data are correct, but you must bear in mind that the real capacity that remains for the user is 298 liters, so this is the value that we recommend that you keep in mind.

A small disadvantage that we see is that, due to the interior distribution, it can be difficult to access certain foods, especially those that have been in a lower part. It has a small rack so that we can freeze there what we really want to have more on hand or certain products that may be more sensitive to remain at the bottom of the freezer, but, in any case, keep that in mind. Actually, it is a “drawback” of horizontal freezers, but it is also true that, although access to certain products may be more complicated than in vertical ones, their capacity is also greater.

MinFrost, the technology that stands out the most in this chest freezer

And, beyond its design, what can we ask of a chest freezer? From our point of view, there are two essential issues: that it freezes well and that it does not frost. And in this sense it seems that the Beko HSA32530N meets both requirements.

On the one hand, we have the technology MinFrost, which reduces the accumulation of ice in the freezer to the minimum possible. With this we manage to reduce its energy consumption, but also avoid the unwanted appearance of frost and, therefore, that we do not have to defrost every few months. Its energy efficiency is A + precisely thanks, in part, to this technology. With the new classification this data has become F.

Beko HSA32530N

The cold system it uses is cyclic, and have one 15 kg daily freezing capacity and a quick freeze mode. Thanks to this, you can have your food ready in a short time, both to avoid spoiling and to be available at its optimal temperature as soon as you need it. This point is very important so that your freezer can follow your rhythm of life and not the other way around.

Finally, we are going to mention a light and a shadow of this appliance. One detail that we liked is that its noise level is barely 40 dBIt is not totally silent but we assure you that it will not bother you. However, on the other side of the coin we find that has no interior lighting, so it can be difficult for you to see certain foods that are in the background, and that you can’t select the temperature digitally. You only have three display positions, but it doesn’t tell you exactly how many degrees it is. The temperature selection wheel is mechanical, it is true that you can guess how much it is, but in this sense we continue to prefer a digital display with a selector using buttons.

Technical characteristics of the Beko HSA32530N

Beko HSA32530N
Dimensions 86 x 110.5 x 67.5 cm
Weight 44.5 kg
Colour White
Kind Freestanding chest freezer
Ability 298 liters
Cold system Cyclic
Daily freezing capacity 15 kg
Quick freeze Yes
Interior lighting Not
Noise 40 dB
Energy classification A + / F

Availability and price of the Beko HSA32530N

If you want to buy this chest freezer, you have on these lines the best offers to get it at the best price. We recommend that you look in all the stores where it is available to check possible specific promotions and always take advantage of the best price, of course, choose only stores that give you confidence and a good reputation so that your purchase is a success and you do not have any problems.

Do we recommend this chest freezer if you are looking for one of these appliances? It is true that it has some shortcomings, such as that it does not have an interior light or that it could have a better distribution, but due to its high capacity, its silent engine, its rapid freezing and its minimum generation of frost, it seems to us a very good option. Regarding the brand, Beko works very well with this type of electrical appliance, so in this sense you can also rest easy.

  • Good capacity
  • Makes little noise
  • Fast freezing time
  • Good energy efficiency
  • Anti-frost technology

  • It has no interior lighting
  • Can be difficult to access products left at the bottom
  • It does not have the possibility of setting different temperatures by zones
  • It is only available in white

Total score