Beko RCNE365K20W, what to expect from this simple No Frost fridge freezer?

beko rcne365k20w cabecera.jpg
beko rcne365k20w cabecera.jpg

If you are looking for simplicity, but practicality, you cannot miss the No Frost combi refrigerator Beko RCNE365K20W with reversible door. Beko brings you an appliance that adapts to the needs of your kitchen and yours.

We talk about the Beko RCNE365K20W

The Beko RCNE365K20W is a No Frost fridge freezer that has a 244 liter capacity in the refrigerator compartment and 97 liters in the freezer with an energy efficiency class A +. It is characterized, fundamentally, because it filters bad odors and bacteria thanks to its carbon filter and active sealing.

Also, regarding its interior, we see that lights up thanks to LED light, which provides a clear and uniform light throughout the interior so that you never forget anything and always know what you have in the refrigerator. In addition, it is a more efficient type of lighting that provides less heat, so the temperature fluctuations are also less.

And, if we look at its design, we see that the Beko RCNE365K20W brings a reversible door, that is, adapt the orientation of the door to the design of your kitchen. This is because in some kitchens the refrigerator door is required to open in one direction or the other. Therefore, so that you can enjoy this refrigerator whatever your kitchen, its door is reversible, which means that it allows the hinges to be placed on either side of the appliance for you to choose the opening direction.

Finally, it is not only practical on the inside, it is also practical on the outside, since its shelves are made of safety glass and long-lasting. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about placing some heavy container in them like a pot, for example. These safety glass shelves are made of tempered glass and support loads of up to 25 kg. Therefore, they are able to withstand cracks and scratches much better than untreated glass.

Beko RCNE365K20W

Features of the Beko RCNE365K20W

Beko RCNE365K20W
Kind of product: Free installation
Kind of product: Combined
Height: 1 84.5 cm
Width: 59.5 cm
Depth: 65.5 cm
Energy efficiency: A +
Cold system: No frost
Freezer position: Bottom freezer
Colour: White
Total gross volume: 365 liters
Total net volume: 321 liters
Net volume of the Fresh Food compartment: 224 liters
Net volume of the freezer compartment: 97 liters
Net volume 0ºC compartment: 30 liters
Type of refrigerator trays: Crystal
Active odor filter and sealing: Yes
Number of drawers for fruits and vegetables: 1
Egg cup capacity: 6
Ice maker type: Ice bucket
Number of freezer drawers: 3
Daily ice making capacity: 2 kg / day
Daily freezing capacity: 5 kg / day
Reversible door: Yes
Led Illumination®: Yes
Freezer position: Bottom freezer
Controls: Mechanical
Kind of product: Free installation
Shooter type: Flush
Colour: White
Energy efficiency: A +
Noise level: 40 dBA
Climate Class: SN-T
Voltage: 220 – 240
Frequency: 50 Hz
Height: 184.5 cm
Width: 59.5 cm
Depth: 65.5 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Open door alarm: Yes

Opinions from the Beko RCNE365K20W

The Beko RCNE365K20W has a good value for money, taking into account that it is a simple refrigerator. It does not have as much capacity as others nor drawers that differentiate certain types of food.

Beko RCNE365K20W

Availability and price of the Beko RCNE365K20W

Here we leave you another refrigerator of the brand: the Beko RCNE560K30W.

  • Good value for money.
  • Reversible door.
  • No Frost.

  • It does not have as much capacity as other models.
  • Their drawers are neither different nor special for certain types of food.

Total score