Beko RSNE445I31XBN, very interesting one-door refrigerator

beko rsne445i31xbn cabecera.jpg
beko rsne445i31xbn cabecera.jpg

The Beko RSNE445I31XBN It is a one-door refrigerator prepared to guarantee a good conservation of your food in a larger space. Thanks to the characteristics of this Beko refrigerator, we will be able to enjoy a better preservation of our food, for a longer time and, in addition, enjoying a quality appliance that can boast both functionality and design.

We talk about the Beko RSNE445I31XBN

Consumers are not always looking for freezers. Sometimes more cooling space is needed, like the one offered by the Beko RSNE445I31XBN. A good one-door refrigerator can guarantee you the capacity you need to keep food fresh, especially if it is the one you consume the most, you have a large family or a hospitality business.

In this aspect, we won’t find a freezer, but we can combine this model with the freezer of the same compatible brand, with which, we will enjoy an even greater space and, therefore, we will be able to store more food.

That said, a full door fridge doesn’t have to compromise on design. We are used to seeing two-door refrigerators, American or combis with modern and elegant designs. However, in the case of the model that we will talk about today, it can boast of a modern and durable design.

This is because it is made of stainless steel, which gives it a neat and elegant look that will match perfectly wherever it is installed. Although this is not all, as we will see below, this refrigerator also brings very interesting features that make us see that it is a Quality device that complies with what it advertises.

Prepared to keep the cold

The Beko RSNE445I31XBN, as we have already explained, is a one-door refrigerator thought to conserve our food in the best possible way. This, in part, he achieves by his CoolRoom® technology. We will find this technology in a drawer that has been designed to store fresh products.

Be it meat, fish or dairy, with the CoolRoom compartment you can save this type of food, which will stay fresh and at the optimum humidity level to last longer and retain their flavor for longer, even twice as long.

Likewise, another technology that, although it may not seem like it, helps conservation, is the led light that illuminates the interior. If you wonder why a type of lighting can promote good conservation or not, the explanation is very simple.

This light not only stands out for being clearer, homogeneous and efficient, it is also characterized by being colder. Consequently, there will not be as many temperature fluctuations inside the refrigerator as a type of halogen lighting can cause, so the food will not have as much danger of spoiling.

As for its other features, thanks to the fact that gradually increase intensity, you will be able to see everything you have stored perfectly without being dazzled when you open the refrigerator door.

Designed to be practical and durable

In addition to these features, we also have to talk about the practical and durable design of the Beko RSNE445I31XBN. First, because allows you to change the orientation of the door, something essential to facilitate the installation of any appliance, especially refrigerators.

Some of these devices do not allow you to do so because their doors are not reversible, however, in the case of this model, you can. You just have to put the hinges on the side of the door where you want it to open and voila. In addition, if you wanted to double the refrigeration capacity by placing another refrigerator or a compatible brand freezer, you could also install it with these hinges.

As for its interior, we will see that it is a safe refrigerator to use, since it comes with safety shelves made of glass that support up to 25 kg of weight. This means that you can place the different containers you have without worrying, making the most of the device’s capacity.

They are also resistant to cracks and scratches. And, if these features seem few to you, you will be interested to know that it also comes with a vacation mode that, adding it to the rest, will help you save more energy.

Beko RSNE445I31XBN

In summary

The Beko RSNE445I31XBN is a refrigerator whose characteristics can be summarized as having as cooling system the No Frost Total, as well as an interior electronic display, LED lighting, holiday mode, chrome bottle rack and a total gross capacity of 445 liters.

Also, its dimensions are 185 x 59.5 x 65.5 cm, plus it comes with a reversible door and has a zero-degree compartment inside, ideal for fresh food, all with a energy efficiency of A ++ that will undoubtedly help you save on your electricity bill.

Beko RSNE445I31XBN

Features of the Beko RSNE445I31XBN

Beko RSNE445I31XBN
Product color Stainless steel
Lamp type LED
Number of compartments for vegetables two
Interior light Yes
Control type Electronic
Shelves material Glass
Anti-odor filter Yes
Door hinge Right
Reversible doors Yes
Refrigerator, net capacity 375 L
Cool zone compartment Yes
Climatic class SN-T
Holiday function Yes
Noise level 41 dB
Energy efficiency class F
Annual energy consumption 132 kWh
Height 1850 mm
Weight 69.5 kg
Width 595 mm
Depth 655 mm
Door alarm (open) Yes
Refrigerator Door Shelves 4
Egg-cup Yes
Bottle rack Yes
Number of compartments for vegetables two
Super Cool function Yes

Opinions from the Beko RSNE445I31XBN

This refrigerator is good value for money. Its strengths, without a doubt, are its stainless steel design, which gives it a modern and elegant appearance and which, in addition, cools well, so it delivers what it promises. In addition, its door is reversible, so it greatly facilitates its installation.

However, if we have to add a negative point, we will find that the LED light is insufficient to illuminate the entire refrigerator, since it has it in the upper part and makes the lower part not stay so illuminated. In addition, the temperature control has it inside, something that is always more uncomfortable than having it directly outside.

Beko RSNE445I31XBN

Availability and price of the Beko RSNE445I31XBN

And do not forget that you can continue to see other models like the Beko RFNE312I31XBN.

  • Good value for money.
  • Good design in stainless steel.
  • Cools well.
  • Reversible door.

  • The LED light does not illuminate everything.
  • Control is on the inside.

Total score