Best apps to manage the house from your smartwatch


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The ease of having access to multiple devices and smart accessories from the screen of your mobile has become a general trend in many homes around the world, but what perhaps many do not know is that everything can be even easier thanks to the appearance of the Apps to manage the house through your smart watch.

If you have a new generation wearable available, regardless of whether it is the popular ones Apple watches as well as third-party devices that use Wear OS by Google or other proprietary solutions, you can now download the official applications that will allow you to control all kinds of devices with wireless connectivity in the same way that you already do on your phone.

Apps to manage the house that you must install

If you have a watch from the Cupertino company, you can perform a wide variety of actions from the apple watch strap just by accessing the Home App that you will find pre-installed from the factory. It makes it possible to manage accessories compatible with the HomeKit standardsuch as lights, locks, smart TVs, thermostats, blinds and smart plugs. Its initial setup allows you to customize each home with multiple rooms, add HomeKit-compatible accessories, and create settings.

Apps to manage the house

Apps to manage the house on your watch as well as from the mobile

In the case of Wear OS, the same Google Home App that everyone already knows on their Android phones is present. It is possible to have quick access to the devices integrated in what you have connected to your account, recently including advanced functions like live views of security cameras of the Nest brand or receive notifications when someone rings your doorbell with images of who is in front of you door.

Samsung is another of the manufacturers that has been testing the concept of the smart home for several years through its platform SmartThings, and within Samsung Watch watches it is possible to download its official App that will allow you to control the TV and speaker, adjust the brightness or start color effects in your lights, change the temperature of your air conditioning or give directions to your cleaning robot from your wrist.

Finally, if your watch has a built-in microphone, you cannot stop considering among the apps to manage the house to virtual assistants. Today both Google Assistant and Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa They have official versions with which you can interact from a wearable and perform a large number of actions through voice commands towards those devices that you have previously synchronized.

And you, have you already tried some of these apps to manage the house with your Smartwatch? Which one is your favorite?