Beurer FB 20, whirlpool for feet. The perfect present?

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Appliances foot hydromassage they are becoming more and more successful. Think about it: it is the area of ​​the body that suffers the most from our daily routine and there is nothing better than coming home and thanking them for all their work with a few minutes of relaxation and putting to work. If you have been thinking about buying a device of this type for a while or if you have to give a gift, then we will tell you if the Beurer FB 20 it’s a good option.

Beurer FB 20, the whirlpool for feet with many functions

A warm water foot bath with salt has always been one of the grandmother’s remedies that has most relaxed us at home and has restored vitality to our feet after a hard day. However, these hydromassage bathtubs for feet are an ideal alternative to facilitate this task and also offer us extras that we will no longer be able to live without once we try them.

Thank you to your removable massage roller accessoriesWe will have different types of foot massages: from a gentle vibrating massage, to a dry massage or a bubble massage. Count with one brush, a massage accessory and another to remove calluses. In addition, with infrared light spots we will obtain a pleasant sensation while we take care of our feet.

The Beurer FB 20 has three accessories

As positive points, apart from these different types of massage already mentioned, it has non-slip rubber insoles to avoid slipping and with a splash protection. The power of is 120 W and we can regulate the water temperature.

So far, so good, but… is everything positive? Obviously not. One of the biggest points against that we have found to this type of device (beware, not only to this model, to all in general), are its dimensions. Personally, I like to simplify and have the fewer gadgets around the house, the better. Surely the same thing happens to you too. This Beurer foot bathtub FB 20 has a size of 35 x 38 x 18 cm. If you have a hole to “hide” it (for example, under the bathroom cabinet is a good option if it has legs), great; but if not, you may not end up using it as much as you think and eventually end up being just another junk. Think about it.

Beurer FB 20

The size of this type of apparatus is its great handicap

Availability and price of the Beurer FB 20

How about the price? We have compared it with the competition and the truth is that it is not bad at all. Taking into account the functions and characteristics that we have seen previously and that it is a good brand that in our personal experience has always given us good results, we think it is a good option if you are looking for a hydromassage bathtub for feet.

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  • Different accessories
  • Infrared light
  • Good power and temperature regulator
  • Dimensions