Black and Decker Dev, the new shaker with capsules

black and decker dev, the new shaker with capsules
black and decker dev, the new shaker with capsules

Capsule drinks have been around for many years now. Now capsule cakes have even been launched  by  Tigout . What perhaps we did not expect to see (or at least it had not crossed our minds) is the possibility of having a  shaker at home that could prepare cocktails for us using this system. Today we are talking about  Black and Decker Bev , which has a menu with 40 available drinks.

Features of the Black and Decker Bev

The Black and Decker Bev allows you to prepare 40 different cocktails through the Bartesian capsules . Of course, we will not only need this element, it will also be necessary to place the liquor bottles with which we want to make our drink in the machine. It allows you to include  up to five bottles , so that we will be the ones who choose what type of alcohol we want (gin, tequila, rum, whiskey or vodka). The brand is up to us as well.

As an advantage, we can  choose the intensity or the graduation of our cocktail . The alcohol is extracted from the bottles by means of a metal straw so that just the amount that the user wants falls out. The process takes just  30 seconds .

Preparation is as simple as placing the bottles, the capsule and pressing a button. The  shaker’s built-in LED lights will illuminate to indicate to the user if the process is underway, if it has finished, or if there has been any inconvenience along the way (for example, the alcohol in the bottle has run out).

Availability and price

We still do not have an official date or an exact price at which it will go on sale, but it is expected to hit the market in the  second quarter of 2022  for around  300 euros .

What do you think of this concept? Do you think it can be useful or do you prefer to continue preparing cocktails in the traditional way?