BlitzHome BH-AF2, we tested this hot air fryer

blitzhome bh af2, we tested this hot air fryer
blitzhome bh af2, we tested this hot air fryer

Hot air fryers are all the rage. This small appliance has gained great prominence in our kitchens and the truth is that it brings us many benefits. To get the most out of them, the key is knowing how to use them well. And for that today we want to help you. The BlitzHome BH-AF2 has passed through Digitalprobox, a very economical fryer without oil that has its lights and shadows, but that leaves us with a positive balance.

Do you want to know what recipes we have prepared in this BlitzHome® BH-AF2 and what the results have been? Keep reading.

Design of the BlitzHome BH-AF2

This BlitzHome BH-AF2 maintains the usual design lines of this type of appliance. It has a size of  36.10 x 27.10 x 30.60 cm and is available in  black . It has very good construction materials and at first glance we can already see that, although we are dealing with an economic model, it is of good quality. Its large cold touch handle takes center stage , so that we do not burn ourselves when we take out the freshly cooked food.

BlitzHome BH-AF2

But without a doubt the highlight of its design is the large  touch screen that dominates the entire upper part. From it we can configure all the aspects of our recipe: time, temperature, program… It is tremendously easy to configure it from the machine itself, although we can also do it remotely from the app, but we will see this later.

The capacity of this model is  5 litres , which is quite generous for a family or when we have guests at home and we want to make it easier for everyone to make dinner. In addition, if it is easy to cook, it is also very easy to clean. The basket has  a non-stick coating , so we can wash it in the dishwasher without any problems. Be careful if you scrub it by hand, hit it with the soft part of the scourer so as not to scratch it. This non-stick coating is very durable and we haven’t really had any problems with it in our use, no food sticking at any time and no problems with the dishwasher.

BlitzHome BH-AF2

Is it an oven or is it a fryer?

Before continuing to talk about this small appliance, we want to make a clarification. Although they are called “deep fryers”, in reality in our tests we have verified that they are something more similar to a  small oven . It has the advantage that it allows you to cook in a healthy way and without oil (we will only need a teaspoon of olive oil for our preparations), so we will save fat and calories. It doesn’t fry, but it does heat and cook.

For example, here we show you some of the recipes we have prepared, specifically some salmon fillets, a crispy chicken burger and a mixed sandwich.

BlitzHome BH-AF2

We have also cooked with good results normal potatoes, potato wedges, breaded hake, nuggets, dumplings… You can prepare everything from the oven here.

BlitzHome BH-AF2

However, good results do not come out if you prepare other recipes that are more about frying, such as croquettes or the like. You can try? Yes. Are the results good? Not too much. There is the notice.

BlitzHome BH-AF2

It comes with various recipes and different ways of cooking, so even if you are a kitchen novice you will have no problem preparing delicious meals. Speaking of ways to cook, you can set your recipe from the touch screen or from the  app . The mobile application is very attractive, it is quite well done and it is very easy and intuitive to use. However, it is a bit useless because from the screen you can do everything without any problem, so the only advantage is that we can use it as a remote control. We have not used the app beyond a single test, but in the end it depends on the needs and tastes of each user.

BlitzHome BH-AF2

With ASH2.0 technology and RNC technology

In addition to mentioning that its power is 1,500 W , we now fully enter the field of technologies that this BlitzHome® BH-AF2 incorporates and that achieves such good results. The first one is ASH2.0 technology, which offers us a 360º hot air circulation. This translates into very fast heating and a homogeneous distribution of heat so that all the ingredients are cooked equally, without us having colder or rawer parts. In addition, thanks to the reflection of the heat inside the chamber, we will be able to maintain the heat for longer and also the optimal levels of humidity so that the food remains crispy, something very important to have perfect results in all our preparations and that we always enjoy food, whether we have a meeting at home or if it is for us alone on any given day.

BlitzHome BH-AF2

On the other hand, we highlight the  RNC technology . It is a fan noise cancellation technology that makes this small appliance quite silent and does not bother us when we have it running. That is appreciated so that it does not bother us while we are doing other things in the kitchen.

Technical characteristics of the BlitzHome BH-AF2

Dimensions 36.10 x 27.10 x 30.60 cm
Color Black
cool touch handle Yes
non-stick coating Yes
Touch screen Yes
Ability 5 liters
Power 1,500w
apps Yes
Technologies to highlight
  • NCR technology
  • ASH2.0 technology

This BlitzHome BH-AF2 is an appliance that can help you a lot to cook quickly, easily and healthily. It is very easy to use, with an excellent value for money and a large capacity.

Do not forget when buying a fryer that is BPA free. Do you want to know  what BPA is ? It is a toxic chemical that you should avoid. In the article that we just linked to you, we explain everything in detail.

  • There is a good quality price relation
  • good materials
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Very good cooking results
  • Lots of variety of recipes and functions
  • very good capacity
  • cool touch handle
  • with touch screen
  • With Wi-Fi connectivity
  • BPA free
  • somewhat bulky
  • The app does not offer added value compared to using it from the screen itself