Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12, practical and economical kitchen robot

Bosch Autocook Muc11w12 Cabecera.jpg
Bosch Autocook Muc11w12 Cabecera.jpg

Would you like cooking to be quick, easy and without having to work too hard on your part? Well with him Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12 now it will be possible. This practical kitchen robot from Bosch, with its multiple programs, offers you a faster and easier way to cook and is also dishwasher safe.

What is the Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12?

The Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12 is a kitchen robot that It is characterized by having up to 48 automatic programs among which we can find cooking, roasting, soft frying, sous-vide cooking, steam … and much more. With it we can be sure that we will carry out quick and easy preparations. Therefore, this kitchen robot allows us to make quick and easy preparations. Thanks to the availability of these 48 preset programs, we can automatically cook tasty recipes with minimal effort, simply by pressing a button.

Also, tboth in your app and on your official page, you will have more than 300 international recipes so you never run out of ideas. You just have to visit: You will soon discover its perfect results thanks to precise temperature control in 5 ° steps what you have and what offers a range from 40ºC to prepare yogurts up to 160ºC to fry. And all this in a stainless steel bowl that has 5 liter capacity so you can cook for the whole family.

With the Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12 you will have the whole kitchen in a single pot, since, as we have anticipated, thanks to its 48 automatic programs for preparing recipes, cooking will be very easy Y you can prepare your favorite dishes and even innovate in the kitchen. What’s more, so that you never lack recipes, you cannot forget the possibility of entering their website or their application, where you will find more than 300 recipes for meat, fish, vegetables, soups and desserts.

Therefore, the Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12 is perfect for the whole family and will allow you to prepare large meals for those important meetings or celebrations. Thanks to your non-stick bowl With a 5-liter capacity, cooking for everyone is really easy. And so that your dishes are always the way you like them, the secret of this robot vacuum cleaner is simple: its wide temperature range. This allows you to perform precise settings for each recipe With the aim that they are at their point and you can enjoy the result and the flavor of always.

Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12

What’s more, the Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12 is presented as the most practical accessory in the kitchen, since it allows you to prepare recipes in different ways, such as steaming. This type of cooking that has proven its multiple benefits is possible in the Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12 for its two-height tray. With it you can prepare two dishes at the same time and enjoy one of them steamed, ensuring that it maintains all its properties and texture.

Also, in addition to all these advantages, you will also be interested in you can program to your measure, since, apart from having their default cooking programs, you can also customize the settings you want with the option “My way”. And not only that, in addition to cooking how you want, for who you want and when you want, you can also do it safely and with complete peace of mind, especially if you have children at home. The Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12 incorporates a child lock It has a security system so that, once the selected program ends, the robot turns itself off. After you finish cooking, you won’t have to worry about the tedious task of cleaning it either, as it will hardly take any time because both the bowl and its steaming tray are dishwasher safe with the saving of time and effort that this supposes.

As you can see, the Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12 brings many interesting features, and since we like that you know them all at a glance and quickly, here is the list taken from its website:

  • The wide temperature range, from 40ºC to 160ºC, allows you to prepare practically any type of dish.
  • Power: 900 W
  • “My mode”: Program for manual adjustment of temperature and time. Greater flexibility for your favorite recipes
  • Delay start. The dish will be ready at the right time.
  • Keep warm function.
    Easy to clean: both the bowl and the steam basket are dishwasher safe.
  • Stainless steel bowl (5l) with non-stick coating. Easy cleaning and optimal heat distribution inside.
  • All plastic parts in contact with food are BPA free.
  • Two-level tray for steam cooking. It is now possible to cook different ingredients such as meat and vegetables at the same time!
  • Security system: automatic shutdown at the end of the selected program
  • Child lock via display key combination
  • Thanks to the heat-resistant housing there is no risk of getting burned when touched.
  • Rubber feet for great stability

Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12

Features of the Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12

Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12
Appliance dimensions (height, width, depth (excluding door)): (mm): 260 x 280 x 380
Measures of the packed product (mm): 298 x 315 x 431
Net weight / kg) : 4,568
Gross Weight (kg): 5.5
Connection power (W): 940
Voltage (V): 220-240
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Power cord length (cm): 100.0
Homologation certifications: EC

Opinions from the Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12

The Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12 has There is a good quality price relation. Offers Very good results for the price it has and it is very easy to use. In addition, allows you to prepare different dishes, although to clean it you have to disassemble it because if it cannot catch odors and a negative point is that your app is not very intuitive, so it is difficult to learn recipes thanks to it. Otherwise, for its value for money and the functions it offers it is worth a look.

Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12

Availability and price of the Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12

And if you already have a food processor or have a Thermomix, be sure to see their recipe platform to get the most out of it: Cookidoo.

  • Good value for money.
  • It offers good results.
  • Easy to use.

  • It must be disassembled for cleaning.
  • Its application is not intuitive.