Bosch KGN397IEQ, a combi with a very good quality-price ratio

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bosch kgn397ieq.jpg

Is it time to change your refrigerator? Do not miss a detail of this article! Today we are talking about a model of Bosch that, although it does not stand out specifically for nothing, it has advantages on all four sides. The model Bosch KGN397IEQ It is one of those combis that works perfectly, that will give you everything you need and that, although it has left some extras along the way, surely you will not regret your purchase. It is similar to other models like the Bosch KGN39VIEA.

Do you want to know more about this Bosch KGN397IEQ? Here we talk about everything you can expect from it, and also what you can’t. Because it is not perfect, because it lacks details, but also because, once you have it in your kitchen, it will not disappoint you. Let’s find out everything about him!

Design of the Bosch KGN397IEQ

We are in front of a refrigerator in stainless steel with dimensions of 2,030 x 660 x 600 mm and a weight of 73 kg. On the outside we see the module divided into two doors, an upper one for the fridge and a smaller lower one for the freezer. Count on reversible doors with large handles, which take away some space but give more prominence to this appliance.

Outside we also find a touch screen where we can activate and deactivate the alarm, connect the WiFi, block it and set the temperature of the freezer and fridge. Simple, but sufficient.

Inside we see a cold lighting that reaches all the corners of the refrigerator so that we do not have a lemon pocho in the bottom of the refrigerator. The interior distribution gives us four trays, three drawers, a bottle rack and four door shelves for the fridge and three drawers in the freezer area. It should be noted that the glass trays have an anti-tip system and are extendable by 15 cm so that you can reach the end of them easier. Also, the fridge drawers are Vital Fresh, to better maintain the appropriate humidity and temperature for better preservation of fruits, vegetables, meats … The Vital Fresh humidity is focused on vegetables, while the Vita Fresh 0ºC is for meat and fish.

The net capacity is 279 liters for the fridge and 87 liters for the freezer, i.e. 366 liters total. As a curiosity and an advantage over other models, is that it offers the possibility of join two combis with a special joining accessory. Useful? Much. If you have space in the kitchen but you don’t like the American type, being able to join two refrigerators, a priori independent, to each other, is a function that is worth highlighting.

A combi that focuses on the cold

What should be asked of a good combi? Of course, that it knows how to cool well and that, although it lacks other extras, it does it well. And the Bosch KGN397IEQ delivers. Highlights the Super Cooling function, which prepares the refrigerator when you go shopping, lowering the temperature a bit and then raising it to the maximum expression when you arrive loaded from the supermarket so that the food does not spoil. Also has Super Freeze.

Of course, it also has a system Total No Frost, to avoid that we have to be defrosting every so often, which not only robs us of time, but also prevents you from having to consume food ahead of time just because the refrigerator already needs that old-fashioned maintenance. Surely you remember from your parents ‘or your grandparents’ house when it was time to defrost, the mess that arose, this luckily no longer happens and although the refrigerator does not have too many extras, this function does fulfill it well.

And what happens if you accidentally leave the door open? Will sound a acoustic and visual alarm so that you realize it and you can close it before everything is spoiled.

Regarding its energy efficiency, it has class E, on the new scale from A to G. Its noise level is 39 dB, quite silent and in line with what other similar appliances on the market offer.

Everything we miss in this combi

If you are looking for a combi with a good value for money, a good interior layout and that fulfills its function well, this model will not disappoint you. But you must be clear that it is quite simple in terms of use and extras. For instance, we miss the WiFi connectivity to be able to configure some aspects from the mobile, as well as the option of having an ice or cold water dispenser, which does not give us the possibility either.

Technical characteristics of the Bosch KGN397IEQ

Bosch KGN397IEQ
Dimensions 2,030 x 660 x 600 mm
Weight 73 kg
Guy Free installation
Colour Stainless steel
Interior distribution
  • Refrigerator: four trays, three drawers, a bottle rack and four shelves on the door
  • Freezer: three drawers
Touch screen Yes
Total net capacity 366 liters
Net capacity of refrigerator 279 liters
Net Freezer Capacity 87 liters
Reversible doors Yes
Screen Touch screen
Total No Frost Yes
Super Freeze Yes
Super Cooling Yes
Open door alarm Yes
Noise level 49 dB
Energy class AND

Availability and price of the Bosch KGN397IEQ

If you are looking for a simple but functional combi, the Bosch KGN397IEQ It offers you the quality you are looking for, without paying more for extras that you may not use. It does not have WiFi, or a cold water or ice dispenser, but in exchange it offers you the possibility of joining two combis if your kitchen allows it for space.

  • With Total No Frost system
  • Elegant design
  • With Super Freezing and Refrigeration
  • Very good capacity
  • Interior layout with special drawers

  • Only available in one color
  • It does not have a cold water or ice dispenser
  • It does not have WiFi or any type of connectivity