Bosch KSV36AIDP, refrigerator prepared for good conservation

bosch ksv36aidp cabecera.jpg
bosch ksv36aidp cabecera.jpg

The Bosch KSV36AIDP It is a refrigerator designed in stainless steel and with a large capacity, in which you can easily store your fresh food. This refrigerator from Bosch undoubtedly stands out for its polished and elegant look in stainless steel.

We talk about the Bosch KSV36AIDP

Although the type of refrigerator that is most successful in homes is the combined one, there are also refrigerators that are only refrigerators, like the Bosch KSV36AIDP, and which are also a great option, especially if you need more space for fresh food than for frozen food.

As we say, the fundamental difference between these devices and the combined ones is that it only offers us a cooling space, but, in exchange, with much more capacity, so they are ideal for those who want to purchase a freezer of the same brand that can be combined.

In this sense, choosing a good model will largely depend on the space you need, as well as the characteristics you want it to have. A more basic refrigerator is not the same, which meets the objective of preserving food and that’s it, to others who combine this with a good design and state-of-the-art preservation technologies.

Be that as it may, today we are going to talk about a Bosch refrigerator that, in addition to show off a pretty design, it comes with interesting features that make it versatile and very practical to use.

Technologies to save

The first thing we have to say about the Bosch KSV36AIDP is that its stainless steel design it doesn’t just stay there. In addition to looking good, it also holds up very well due to its special anti-fingerprint coating on its surface.

With this special treatment that has been applied, it is achieved that the brightness of the stainless steel It is more durable and, in addition, being a protective coating it is also more resistant to scratches and greatly facilitates cleaning, so it will always save you time when cleaning it.

But, if we talk about saving, what better way than to refer to the different technologies that will make us spend less on the electricity bill. First of all, starting with the lighting, which is LED type, clearer, durable and homogeneous.

Likewise, it is also a cooler light, so there will be less temperature fluctuations, something that will also help your compressor. This, with Inverter technology, only consumes what it needs because it adapts its speed to the cooling needs of the appliance.

Besides, it also comes with a very interesting function that will help you keep the cold and have the device ready for large purchases. The super cooling it will lower the temperature inside for a short period of time so that new food does not affect what is already inside.

Comfort and easy interior organization

Another of the strengths of this equipment is that it is very ergonomic, since the interior is very versatile. This is because it comes with extendable glass trays that you can pull out up to 15 cm, and you won’t have to worry about them tipping over, as it comes with anti-tip bumpers that prevent them from falling.

And, if what you need is more space at the door, you can height adjustment of the EasyLift balcony. This will help you to put bottles, cartons or other tall containers, since you can raise the balcony up to 40 cm.

As for the way of conservation, bring the VitaFresh system in your drawer, which means that it will guarantee optimal storage conditions for fruits and vegetables for a longer time. To do this, it has a humidity regulator that will allow you to set the level you want, either because you store fruits, vegetables or both.


In summary

In short, we can describe the Bosch KSV36AIDP as a practical, elegant and simple refrigerator. With a energy efficiency class of D, presents some measures 186 x 60 x 65 cm and it comes built with a compressor with Inverter technology.

Inside we find LED lighting, VitaFresh Plus drawer with humidity control for storing fruits and vegetables, as well as EasyAcces glass trays, height-adjustable EasyLift balcony, chrome-plated bottle rack and interior equipment with chrome profiles.

Finally, other benefits that we will find in it is its total useful volume of 346 liters, its super cooling function and temperature indicator by digital display.


Features of the Bosch KSV36AIDP

General information
Model Independent
No. of motor compressors 1
Control type electronics
No. of independent cooling systems 1
Door hinge Reversible left
Panel door option Not possible
Freezer door open indicator Yes
Dimensions and weight
Product depth without handle (mm) 650
Product height 1,860
Net weight / kg) 66,003
Product width 600
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency class (standard (EU) 2017/1369)
No. of trays and shelves 7
No. of compart / recip in refrigerator two
No. of egg cups 3
No. of refrigerator temperature zones 3
No. of adjustable shelves in the refrigerator compartment 4
No. of shelves in the refrigerator compartment 7
Refrigerator temperature display 7 segment display
No. of freezer drawers 0
No. of flaps freezing 0
Accessories included 3 x Egg cup
Shelves for bottles Yes
Control and indicators Open door alarm, Refrigeration temperature display, Supercooling switch
Lockable door Not
Super cooling function Yes
Super freeze function Not
Alarm signal / malfunction No signal
Door open alarm acoustic

Opinions from the Bosch KSV36AIDP

This refrigerator designed in stainless steel from Bosch stands out for being very spacious, in addition to having a very versatile interior because its trays can be removed by up to 15 cm and the balcony from your door it can be adjusted in height up to 40 cm.

It also brings the drawer to preserve fruits and vegetables with its own humidity regulator and it is quite easy to maintain thanks to the special anti-fingerprint coating. Of course, the temperature control has it inside and as a main negative point we find that it stays in a class in energy efficiency of D.


Availability and price of the Bosch KSV36AIDP

And if you want to see another full door refrigerator of the same brand, but more efficient, here we leave you the Bosch KSV36AWEP.

  • Spacious.
  • Elegant and modern design.
  • The trays can be removed 15 cm.
  • The door balcony can be adjusted in height.

  • Bring the temperature control inside.
  • Its energy efficiency is only D.

Total score